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The schools are wonderful. Every student is very active in all activities through school. Sports, band, theater, and any school sponsored clubs. The whole community supports the kids in any of there school functions.
Aledo is a small but growing community with great ambition and promise. It has amazing programs full of talented kids, like the Bearcat Regiment and football team. However, it focuses too much on football and is rather arrogant, having made its own series of episodes about the team called "Titletown." Needs to focus on fostering other groups that are just as or even more promising and talented, like the fine arts department and academics.
Aledo has been great to me. a great sense of community and safety around the town. great small town feel.
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A Rich small town with nothing to do but win state championships and drugs, unfortunately. The kids hide it well though when they go to church on wednesdays.
Very close knit community filled with many great opportunities. Yet, to climb higher on the ladder of success, it is recommended to leave this small town.
I've lived here for almost 2 years and I haven't really seen any crime acts going on.
It's a small town full of great people. The school district is very well impressive. They don't only focus on just the academic side but also the athletic side to show kids their abilities. It's a wonderful town to grow up in. They do so much community stuff that it just brings us together as a small town.
We love the warm weather so it suits us. The winters are usually mild. A few snow days and ice. The summer is very hot and dry. We don't get much of a spring but what we do get is nice. The fall is pleasant.
We have a couple fast food places, 1 Mexican, and some service stations with food.
Just local jobs at small establishments for the most part. You have to travel, which most do, to the larger cities around us.
We live in a small community with only a couple of gas stations, banks, and some locally owned stores. I guess for the size of our town it isn't too bad. We have a few basic eating establishments. A local grocery store is about 5 miles and a larger chain about 12 miles. But we like the small town feel so we deal with the issues of not having all the things we want.
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