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Alderson is your typical small West Virginia town. It has friendly people, local shops, and a low crime rate. In the warmer months, there are a hundred things to do here, from river trails to hike, bike, or jog to a lazy day floating the river, we have it all!
The people are very nice and this area is extremely clean. You can afford to live here, but not if you only get a minimum wage job. There are a few companies that pay well enough that you could afford to buy a home. I probably would live here if given the opportunity to choose again. Compared to everywhere else in the country, this area would be considered as having slow growth. I don't see much change in the future.
People mainly use there cars because of the long mountains roads but sometimes you'll find a tractor on the roads too. Walking is easy if you live in town but other wise there is no luck on walking where you could get somewhere.
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It's a beautiful place but can get pretty boring. The town values there sports which can be annoying to those who don't find them that entertaining. Great for the outdoors in Summer and they people here are generally very nice.
The crime in the area mainly involves arsine and murder. The police are around often but if there were an issue outside the main town it will take a while to get help.
The weather is mild with a good show of the four seasons. Summers are mild, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. The winters would be the only season that has its issues. The road get covered in snow and the mountainous terrain makes it difficult for the snow plows to keep up with. Spring and summer are the best times for tourism and business in the area.
There are less than 10 restaurants in the county. They have poor hours and the options are very limited. The only 'exotic' restaurant is a typical Mexican restaurant.
There are very few job opportunities in the area. There are no large business, most jobs pay very little. It is rare for someone working in the area to make more than or close to $100,000.
The local business in the area are wonderful. They cater to local atmosphere and outdoor lifestyle common in the area. There are few however, big name stores are at least 45 minutes away in other counties.
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