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Amery offers a close-community, small town atmosphere where citizens care for each others' well-being. However, there are minimal activities offered for youth to explore.
I love the small town feel and the friendly people. I would definitely want my future kids to grow up in a similar town.
I love living in the area I do, the people are great, the neighbors are great. Even the people that vacation here are great.
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I definitely feel like the few crimes that take place are taken care of in a timely matter.
Its cold in the winter and hot in the summer. We are hearty people out here and know how to deal with the weather.
As far as I know the employment is pretty great around here. People have to drive a bit to get to work, but that's what its like living in a small town.
The food is great around here, probably because of the variety of places you can chose from. Its great because everyone has their favorite place to go to, but is still willing to go try out a new place.
People are friendly and helpful in the local businesses. It makes life slot easier when you can go in and ask for help, or just feel comfortable the the store.
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