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Alden is a wonderful community, it is very quiet and family friendly. They often have family activities within the village as well as school activities open to the public. There are many stores and restaurants within the area, so driving for groceries or to go out to eat is only a short commute.
There really isn't much crime. Of course there is some, like car break ins. But I would say that its all non violent. To be honest, people don't even lock their doors at night. I feel extremely safe living here.
All of our bars and restaurants I guess would be considered local. We do have Subway and a McDonald's.
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We have a state prison, and a county jail here, so that provides some jobs. But mostly people work outside of Alden. Most jobs here are minimum wage, food service and retail.
To be honest this could be way better. We don't have any big chain retail store like Target or Walmart. Mostly we have restaurants. So like if last minute you need something like clothing, you aren't going to find it in Alden.
Alden isn't really the place to go if you're looking for a big corporate job or to get rich quick. The commute to buffalo is about 40 minutes and even going to other, more lucrative places takes about 15-20 minutes. The town is lovely, but not exactly a hot spot for getting a fantastic job with a great starting salary.
There are quite a few family owned restaurants, but really no "night-life" for the younger folks. People in their 30s and up might be seen at the local bar but that's about as far as that goes. That bar does, however, make delicious food that is known around our town as the best food. They have incredible buffalo fries and mac and cheese and you can never go wrong with ordering there. There are also a few other family restaurants that serve great food as well, although it's all pretty similar
In general, the local businesses are okay. I greatly prefer the mom-and-pop shops, which we have a lot of, considering it is such a small town. The pharmacy, deli, and bakeries are mostly all family owned and they by far give the best service. Of course our grocery stores and fast food restaurants are commercial/big companies, but for the most part they do an okay job of helping the community-- mcdonald's usually donates to the high school homecoming parades etc.
In my area there is a lot of local business failing or going bankrupt.
The most typical jobs in my area is fast food and customer service potions for local business.
The parks near this area are good but need improvement. There are only a couple of nature trails which need more work done to them.
I would not live in this area again because of the lack of drive and commitment from the community. The schools push for a bigger budget every year and the people of the community are upset and usually vote it down.
People aren't motivated to exercise or be healthy.
Housing depends on the individual income

Usually their is a fair, a small concert, or a play.
People in this area don't like major changes.
People in my community usually stay in the community. The community area is pretty well kept. The crime rate is not high, and the majority of the community is involved with supporting the local school system. Many small business have failed recently in the community. The majority of the population in the community are either middle age or seniors.
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