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Albuquerque is beautiful and charming. Has a lot to do for every age. If your from here there is more to discover and ton of fun things todo. Night life is booming. If your anything like me I have a wonderful time at all the museums and parks and more into wild life and nature. But there a ton of trails that are kid friendly and pet friendly...
Albuquerque is a medium size town that has plenty of sunshine. With the worlds largest balloon fiesta, college and pre pro sports teams there's almost something to do year round. Commutes are fairly easy and stress free with traffic nothing compared to LA or other big cities.
I do not like Albuquerque, NM at all. It is dirty, unsafe, with a ton of criminal activity. I have lived in various other states and this is the only state that someone has tried to break into my home, has stolen the gas cap from my car, has spray painted my other car, and broke into at least one of my cars. I am trying to leave, it is miserable here. I cannot wait to get out. The people are rude and they do not know how to drive. Also, there is a feeling of entitlement to free things. People here seem to think you owe them free stuff.
I love living in Albuquerque, I am a single mom of two kids. My daughter has medical and it has been ruff but their is always ways to get help. College is really good. I give props to the Trio Dept they have been the best ever. People say they dont like Albq but hey its not for everyone. I am blessed to have the medical that me an my kids need.
Albuquerque is full of life. The atmosphere is very social and active. There is a lot to do for young people. Albuquerque has activities throughout the year that draw crowds of people such as the International Balloon Fiesta and the NM State Fair. There are many malls and a ton of museums. Albuquerque is rich in culture and history and the zoo and botanical gardens are a must see!
Albuquerque is perfect for an outdoorsy loving populations as well as hip, posh, and college young adults. I love Albuquerque for the low living costs. It's great for working, going to school, and outdoor recreation.
Albuquerque is a beautiful and culturally diverse place to live. The weather is wonderful and there is so much history to uncover. Poverty unfortunately is a large issue.
Albuquerque is a great place to live. Everything is centrally located which is convenient. There could be less construction on the main streets.
I love Albuquerque. I have been all over the world and this will always be home. From the beautiful horizon, to the hot air balloons, to the local cuisine which has something for everyone, Albuquerque is a little slice of Heaven. The job market isn't terrible, the homes are unique and eclectic, and there is never a dull moment if you're looking for something fun to do, with or without family and friends!
Albuquerque is a beautiful city with lots of culture embedded. This city serves as a melting pot of many ethnicities amongst its population. There are many opportunities in Beene ring and health fields. It's landscapes are breathless and the city life ever evolving.
Albuquerque is a major moterpolitan city located in New Mexico. Albuquerque has a diverse ethnic population, and a strong Mexican heritage. Albuquerque is the only state that has dual language, both English and Spanish. I am proud to live in a city such as Albuquerque were diversity is embraced.
It is sunny 300 out of the 365 day a year. It's a big yet small city, perfect for rising a family. According to The University of New Mexico, they rank 13 in political organization.
Albuquerque is very diverse and has a lot of intereting things to do and see which are not able to be found in many other large cities. Public schools are not top notch and certain areas have crime problems with poor police performance.
Albuquerque is my hometown and I've lived here 26 years. My favorite aspect of this city is the deep cultural roots that shape it's inhabitants. Anyone who stays longer than one week will be introduced to green chile, sopapillas, the UNM Lobos, and mariachi music. Albuquerque is unique, quant, and welcome to everyone!
Albuquerque is a fun city, there is a lot to do outside. Not much that you can do for free inside If You're looking for a nice weekend hike or just getting out doors Albuquerque is the place for you to visit.
I love the weather here, you get a little of everything. I love the professionals here, they are extremely nice and help with any concerns or questions that you may have. The University of New Mexico is a great school, and campus environment is very friendly. I love the variety of food and dancing that is in town.
what i like about Albuquerque that its a very old town with a lot of history. It has lots of places to visit like the balloon fiesta, old town
Albuquerque is a great city that feels homey and welcoming in so many ways, yet exciting and interesting in others. There is a great community of students here at the University and lots of great places to socialize and interact with people. Downtown is charming and vibrant, Nob Hill is decadent and classy. There's so many good places to eat, and amazing music at lots of local venues and breweries. The surrounding mountains are beautiful. I love Albuquerque!
I love Albuquerque. This is my hometown and I am continually grateful I grew up here. The sunsets are truly a work of art and the culture - a mix of Native American, Spanish, and Midwestern settlement - leaves Albuquerque has is a unique mixture you cannot find anywhere else. The seasons are wonderful as well. The most fascinating part of the Land of Enchantment, to me, is the history.
I have a love-hate relationship with Albuquerque. It's a town that could easily be another Denver or Austin, but unfortunately, poverty is extreme and crime is high. Albuquerque has amazing food, incredible views and awesome weather, but it's also a place where you need to watch your back. It's a shame that crime is so high, because life is also so easy there. I miss taking a 30 min - 1 hour drive to the mountains to go on a hike.
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