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There is a lot of outdoor opportunities, like hiking, biking, etc. and the weather is amazing. But crime is terrible here, I worry a lot about my college aged kids on their especially.
Albuquerque or New Mexico in general is very beautiful, has all the seasons to enjoy and of course many sites to see.
Although it has many activities and so cool sites, the atmosphere in Albuquerque is sometimes less than welcoming. Diversity is somewhat promoted but lacking in reality when it comes to dealing with businesses and government.
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I came to Albuquerque in 2010, still here I am living like any other person.
Among all the cities in New Mexico Albuquerque is the largest city with it's commercial areas. For over 7years I have being living in Albuquerque due to, is the one of the city with an easy transportation of buses and trains.
The whether in Albuquerque respect of other city are not crazy during winter, makes me like it more than other places. I like Albuquerque for it's people are friendly as I know with my friends. I haven't had any bad or negative experience since am here.
Albuquerque is also good for it has more hospital than other cities, and offer more possibility for Collages for students. Good for it harbors different ethnic diversity of people. Is one of the biggest in New Mexico. I love Albuquerque.
I was raised in Albuquerque my whole life! Every time I visit another city, I love coming back home because there is nothing like ABQ!
The best thing I like about Albuquerque that its a small city with great opportunities, jobs, and schools and most of the jobs gives you the opportunity to go back to school and try to work with your schedule. What i don't like about the city is the weather it changes withing a day.
I have lived in Albuquerque all my life. It is a beautiful place but it needs lots of work to make it a good place to live. Education needs to be improved and the city needs to work on safety for its residents and visitors.
Albuquerque is beautiful, the weather is great the mountains are beautiful...but there is far too much drug related crime and it feels unsafe i also have my son in the homebound program due to his medical needs and APS is very pushy and controlling they always say the IEP meetings help give the parent a say but on the contrary, every time i ever opened my mouth about anything I am immediately shot down and have been made to feel small it is unkind and unfair..i didn’t choose my situation and they make it more difficult than it needs to be
I moved here for college about 5yrs ago and aside from high crime and bad public transportation, the city is great, has a lot of opportunities for growth and there are many places nearby to get away that are beautiful and scenic.
New Mexico is a very nice place to live. We have a lot of culture and people from all over thee world live here.
The cost of living is incredible. You are surrounded by mountains, hiking trails, bike paths, parks that encourage exercise. It's healthy living. The weather is mild. The food is great.
Albuquerque is a small town that is full of culture and experiences from literally around the world. The overall feel around the city has a sense of history and ethnically rich background. I would like to see crime rates go down, unfortunately in the older parts there is a little bit of crime but nothing of the big cities.
Albuquerque has a relaxing atmosphere and I believe that people that come to experience and witness our culture have had an amazing time here. Albuquerque is a massively underrated city and I want people to come and enjoy our culture.
Albuquerque has a sort of charm that most other cities fail to offer. It has a unique blend of cultures not found anywhere else in the United States. Having grown up here all my life, I have come to find that home is where the heart is and it is very easy to leave yours in Albuquerque. However, the city seems like it is slowly being forgotten and abandoned by an absent government. Not much has been done in the past few decades to really improve Albuquerque besides the development of the west side. The historic part of Albuquerque has certainly seen better days, and no one seems very eager to make those days a reality again. I love this city, but the lack of effort into rebuilding it has made me lose my love for it.
Albuquerque has many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. The Sandia Mountains, The Rio Grande Biopark, Historic Route 66, and the Downtown area have multiple family friendly attractions.
Albuquerque is the smallest big city. You get the four seasons of winter, summer fall and spring. The mountains and landscape are beautiful. We host the annual national Balloon Fiesta and are proud of our native green and red chile, unless you prefer Christmas which is a blend of the two.
Albuquerque is amazing, so much culture in out city. However the crime rate has increased we have great officers who help keep our state safe. Our chile statewide is the best!
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I've lived here almost my whole life and haven't left. Enjoy most of the people here and the friends I have I absolutly love. I play indoor and outdoor soccer year round because the weather can be tricky.
good overall experience. high degree of diversity. does has socio-economic issues. great for getting outdoors.
I love Albuquerque, it has lots of interesting Colleges, the only thing that is not having online classes. I am a grandmother who has a 7-year-old granddaughter who lives with me that I have to take to school and pick up after school and plus I work for a middle school as an educational assistance that is why I love online classes.
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