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Albuquerque is a very big "small town." There are lots of great things to do, however there is a large amount of crime.
Albuquerque is a growing city, full of beautiful landscapes and rich culture. It is a great place for those who love the outdoors, and there are many things to do outside. Albuquerque's people are very welcoming, and laid back. These are some of the most endearing qualities about this city.
Albuquerque is a great city with a low cost of living. You'll love it if you're an outdoors enthusiast. Drawbacks: the nightlife is pretty slow and the job market is difficult.
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A quirky town with a ton of diversity. The people are unafraid of mixing their English with some sort of Spanglish known only to them. The fight between green and red chile lovers runs deep and can only be quelled by proclaiming a final love for both. The Sandia Mountain range stays true to its name turning pink every sunset. The sky changes each instant, never staying still, reminding me of your own impermanence and fitting well into the overall new agey -ness of the town. If you want a psychic, a Reiki healer, an astrologist, or any other sort of holistic practitioner, than you have definitely come to the right place. Conversations are easily stricken up in grocery store lines or with quirky baristas. Smiles are always genuine, gaits easy, the flows laid back. The city is poetic in an unforced coolness that Californians could never achieve. Cost of living is amazing. Calves are fit and shoulders always tanned. The tacos always worth it.
The city is nestled in a rift valley with the Rio Grande river slithering through the ancient settlement that developed into a city. Being one of the earliest outpost during the colonization and the largest city in New Mexico, the cultural diversity runs deep and old. Albuquerque is the largest city for hundreds of miles in any direction and it has a unique character due to this fact. Green and red chile define much of the local cuisine. Crime rates are still high, poverty is abundant and education is poor. The National labs are also what brought much of the economy but excluded many people who never had experience or opportunity within the institutions of education. The petroglyphs on the west mesa are a mark of the tenacity and love of the city spanning over thousands of years. If you want to experience the southwest, the mountains, foods, farms, and desert, Albuquerque is a place to visit.
The culture. Albuquerque is definitely a melting pot. It is an absolutely beautiful city. Especially the mountains, it's easy to be in the heat, then go up to the mountains and it is colder.

Heroin and addiction is a huge problem in this town, which leads to violence. There are some rough parts of town, like there is with any city though.
The blue skies, the beautiful sun sets, and the green chile are what make Albuquerque so great. It's a great place to just sit outside and enjoy the sun.
I have lived and worked in Albuquerque for almost my entire life and still completely love the land of enchantment! Most of the people here are very friendly and helpful. While Albuquerque is a small big city it has a lot of character and many great qualities. As with the rest of New Mexico, Albuquerque offers plenty of options for incredible New Mexican food and particularly opportunities to try red and/or green chile. Situated right at the base of the Sandia Mountains there are many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the multitude of sunny days. The local brewery scene is consistently growing and getting better every year with an endless variety for every beer fan.
Albuquerque is a Medium-sized city with a large-city sprawl. The traffic in this area is light, making commuting within the metro area a breeze. Local small businesses abound, and the art community sits at the center of Albuquerque's vibrant culture.
Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city of great potential. The culture is quite diverse. The State of New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque could improve by stimulating and supporting economic development.
Albuquerque is a beautiful city rich in culture and art. Although of it's atttributes, it fails for safety of those who reside here. There are so many beautiful trails for the locals to run, but we don't feel safe with drunks and druggis roaming around. Just yesterday my boss got assaulted at a supermarket parking lot. We need more criminal reinforcement. The city should consider gating neighborhoods so families can rest with a peace of mind. Schools should have a metal detector and more security. I work as a preschool teacher and we've had to shut down twice in the last year due to shootings. Not to mention my fear and worry every time someone from the street approaches the fence while children are at play.
I love the Sandia Mountains, the luminarias, the chili, the adobe homes, the Native American's culture. I love how it is flat line, and I love the weather.
Albuquerque is an amazing sight to see for the first time. As I was coming in on an airplane for the first time, I was excited to see what this city could show me. The beautiful Sandia Mountains was an interesting sight to see. It was right beside the city, something I've never seen before. The mountains give the city a beautiful background. Inside the airport had a look that compliments the environment around them. As I drive through a part of Albuquerque to my destination. I see a busy city on a mission to give their best. Few years have gone by, I still enjoy living here for the most part. The traffic is scary to be in. I realized some drivers here just can't drive properly for some reason. Every time I drive or am in the passenger seat, I feel like even if I pay 100 % to the surroundings around me. I won't be able to trust the cars around me, any minute a driver will lose control of their vehicle.
If you are looking for a small city to live in I would say that Albuquerque is the place to be. Air pollution is very well controlled because of the emission requirement to get a license plate for a car. The sun sets are to die for. There is a car theft problem but I believe that is do to the fact that New Mexico is on the border of Mexico.
I love the overall low-key and slow paced vibe of Albuquerque. This city is rich in history and offers many activities in and out of the city. Albuquerque is in need of updated public transportation. It is currently undergoing an aim a that through the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project. A great scene for craft beer and excellent cuisine. You've never tasted spicy like Hatch green chile, the city's secret ingredient.
I spent most of my life in Albuquerque and have seen it grow over the past 25 years. It has gotten a reputation for being a dangerous city but I call it home.
I love Albuquerque. It's home. It's the littlest big town you'll ever be in. The culture is amazing, the food is fantastic. There's no where else in the world like it.
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I love Albuquerque's weather and changing seasons. The Sandia Mountains are especially beautiful. The bio park is one of the best zoos I have ever been to! The animals are happy and have an enriching environment to play in. Overall my experience has been a positive one.
I am a born and raised here in Albuquerque, I will always love my home city but I know there are a lot of negatives here in our city. But, we have a lot of great opportunities to have great experiences. We have incredible views, people, and amazing food. New Mexican food is like no other. We are rapidly growing and there is a lot of traffic and because we are growing there is a lot of construction on the roads. I live in the South Valley where there is a known reputation for not being a good neighborhood, I moved there after living in the North Valley and I love it. But, there is always a chance that I move. But, will always be home!
Albuquerque is a lovely town full of history, culture and character. There is so much potential here. We have several amazing higher education schools. Abundant wind and sun. The evenings here will make your soul soar. Someday Albuquerque will embrace it's potential and embrace it's potential as a wonderful city, but we're not just there yet. There's still a lot of disregard for human life here and far too much complacency. The state moniker may be "the Land of Enchantment", but far too often the refrain you'll here is "why bother?". I believe Albuquerque can lead the entire nation in technology, sustainability and be an exemplar for how the United States can embrace it's heritage and also progress in it's maturity as it embraces a new cultural composition. We're just not there quite yet.
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