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Albion is a post-industrial era town that has began improving its infrastructure after the town's college, Albion College, started funding and purchasing different areas in Albion. The town itself is racially diverse and offers new opportunities for jobs and businesses and encourages entrepreneurs. The only down side is that they had recently lost their high school. Currently, the children of Albion have been bussed to nearby schools. I truly believe in a decades time, Albion will look completely different solely due to the colleges involvement in the town's improvement.
I’ve lived in Albion my whole life, I’ve traveled to other tiny towns throughout the years and I can honestly say this tiny town is the best you’ll ever visit. Well yeah we don’t have a whole bunch and some unfortunate situations have found there way to us but, we do have families who are always willing to better the town. We have an amazing liberal arts college who is always lending a helping hand, we have small business ready to serve the community with their products, church’s spreading love everywhere, committees dedicated to making sure that the children in Albion get a chance to see a different part of the world, mom and pop restaurants and pubs ready to rock your tastebuds, and lastly we have a community. Not many towns can say that all the citizens are apart of their community... but we can
I love how it is very kid friendly.
I would change the travel to other cities for work, pleasure, shopping, hospitals, and school's.
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It's a small post-industrial town that only survives and has urban redevelopment due to the largest employer, Albion College providing the funds.
Albion is one the older cities in Michigan. Thus they still some cobble stone streets; many of the older homes are maintained. It is a small community also and very vested in its residents. The people are friendly and you will find it to be a very diverse background.
I am actually from Albion and what I would like to see changed in Albion is us having our hospital back better schools and things to do for the children.
I really love Albion Michigan. Albion is a town in which is a small town, that is family oriented. Everyone knows everyone. Albion College is one if the top colleges, in Michigan. One of many things that should be worked on, is, the school district. Getting our high school and middle school back, up and running well, with up-to-date material. Also, people in our community need to be supportive of local stores, in Albion. When someone or something comes in the town and break the tradition of certain things this town has, as a family, it kind of gets people upset. Sometimes change is good, but, not knowing what is going on in the community and the citizens kind of having to go with the flow, is almost,a big deal. Due to the unknown. That is kind of scary, risky, and will have a lot of people wondering. Yet, exciting, and will see if this will be the start of something great or worse. Never know until we see.
I have lived in Albion for a while and it is nice to get away from a difficult life to a more calming lifestyle.
Albion is an small town with lots to offer. First and foremost Albion College is one of the top major colleges in the country. We are a loving, 'melted pot,' with all different races.
It is wonderful here. It is quiet place. The band shell at Victory Park, have different bands that are local and out of state people come and let us here the wonderful sounds they have created.
The weather is not horrible here. I actually love where I am living.
I love all of the restaraunts here.
I cannot complain. Most jobs are available here, but the thing is. Someone might have to find another job in order to meet the needs of living.
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