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Excellent small town that is close to major cities. Really like knowing a lot of people in the town. Offer a real sense of community and togetherness.
The police and fire departments in our town do their job. The fire department is strictly volunteer. We should be applauding these men and women who get called in at the most random of times and are happy to help. Our police department also does a nice job of patrolling the area and being aware of certain times during the year when more dangerous actives happen.
Albia, has a small town, welcoming, inviting, hometown feel. Even if you are not from around the area, people will wave at you as you walk down the street. If you are lost, someone will give you directions. This is a safe place where many people do not even lock the doors to their cars, nor their homes. Overall, it is a great family orientated area with lots of caring people.
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We do have a few events that go on that attract outsiders to our area. Rodders and Choppers brings in many people. It is a car and bike show that takes place on our historic square. Also, sports in our town bring lots of people through. We also recently just built a Veterans Memorial area, which will soon be buzzing with people I'm sure!
The outdoor areas surrounding Albia are wonderful. They are well maintained with several things to do. You can go boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, or even just have a picnic. They are safe and well monitored by local police departments. Overall, the area is relaxing, inviting, and friendly.
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