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It's a great place to raise a family. There is very little crime, there are many churches, housing costs are very affordable, and people are generally kind. Being a small town, traffic does get a little slow at times because there are mainly two highways to traverse the town, but traffic mostly moves quite well. There isn't much a nightlife. There aren't many high paying job opportunities, but the cost of living is relatively low. I moved here almost ten years ago, and I'll probably stay here for years to come.
Albertville is a friendly, small town in Alabama. I have lived here for almost two years. Everything is very affordable; however, there is little to nothing to do. I find myself commuting to Gadsden or Huntsville for entertainment. There is a large Hispanic population so there may be jobs for bilingual individuals. There are excellent fitness centers and a few good restaurants, but nothing exceptional.
Albertville is a town with much more capability than it has already achieved. The diversity in the town is well represented in businesses as well as schools. I have enjoyed living here and will continue to live here.
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to get ever facilite for education and known university for science and technology life facilite for stay here.
I love Albertville. I have lived here all of my life. Albertville is such a family friendly town with amazing school systems. Albertvlle is a very clean city and we always have visitors. It is such an amazing town to be a part of!
Albertville is one of the best places that anyone could ever live. The city is very family oriented, and everyone is very friendly. People are always prepared to give a helping hand to those in need. Despite our losses during the tornado in 2011, Albertville remains a beautiful city that people can not forget.
We do have shootings and high speed chases with the police and drugs but its not at all like it is in the bigger surrounding cities
I think overall its a great place to live and raise children. There are a lot of opportunities for young people in the school systems. For the most part its a safe area.
There really isn't that much crime. The police is everywhere. They are very noticeable. It seems like they are waiting to pull over anyone. So there really isn't that much crime.
I would live here if I wanted a calm, quiet place. Nothing really happens here. it seems to be getting more stores. Maybe Albertville is getting more populated.
I love my neighborhood, because the dead-end. culdisac feel is great, safe environment for raising children.
most things around here are pretty average
I hope the information I have filled out will help me receive a scholarship so I can attend college.
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