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Albemarle, North Carolina is a small town with the country atmosphere that's refreshing in these days and times of the hurry, rush-up life we are living these days'. The small town still has family owned country restaurants as well as the bigger modern fast food chains. We still have an actual drive-in, plus many retail shops like Belks, Sears, Wal-Mart, Lowes, etc., so there's plenty of shopping to be done in Albemarle.
I've recently married and relocated to Albemarle from Rockingham, NC. It has been a PLUS in the right direction for me. We reside in a lovely community; our address is N 9th Street. Our neighbors smile and wave when we encounter them. My husband is very creative, as well as a cyclist. People stop by to commend his work, like the bicycle mailbox. We live within a few miles of restaurants and stores, and downtown. Great dining is a plus for us. We appreciate the diversity in the eateries. Our walks usually take us right by Glory, where we stop for smoothies or pastries. The sights are lovely. I'm a pastor in Rockingham, have not had an opportunity to explore religious life to date. Having been here only eight months, I'm not aware of everything the City offers. I'm also heavily invested in politics; excited about meeting city government officials, and volunteering in applicable organizations. We're looking forward to experiencing our new home to the fullest. For us, so far so good.
I have lived in Albemarle my entire life. Although I couldn't see it at the time, when I was younger, it was a much better place to live. At one time, textiles were the predominant industry in the area. Now that they have fallen by the wayside, there are lots of empty manufacturing buildings and very few well-paying jobs. Albemarle is a strong family city, which means that there are several very nice parks and places that encourage family attendance; however, there are few draws for teenagers or young adults. For this reason, many choose to go to neighboring counties to spend their recreational dollars.
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Albemarle is a very small town. However, everyone in the town is very friendly and welcoming. Albemarle has grown in size since I was a little girl.
Albemarle is a small town that little know very much about. It's a place where everyone is family and gossip spreads pretty quick. It's rare you see a new face and things such as fairs, parades, or even Chic-Fil-A amuses us dearly. Although it's fairly small, it's a home.
Albemarle has a great small town feel which is perfect for a young couple with small children. There is plenty of outdoor activities plus you are just a short distance from Charlotte.
Small town, would like to see more restaurants. They are expanding and offering more shopping with new strip malls.
Albemarle is a wonderful place to live; with things to do like going out on the lake, bowling, skating, going out to eat, or just grilling out with your family.
Crime has pretty much the same but the gang violence isn't as good it only gets worse
My town has gotten worse over time because of the lack of education in the public schools and the crime levels are rising.
We have some beautiful homes in our Community. The housing market is recovering slowly but several homes that were for sale in our neighborhood have sold. I really don't see to many abandoned houses or properties where I live. The cost of homes and utilities are what you make them. Homes range from $80.000 to $400.00 and the utilities are pretty average if you are a good steward when using them. Some folks have wood stoves for heat and water. In the Winter and Summer months the bill does increase. We have very warm Summers and the Winters have been extremely cold in the past years. Our Public Housing is not always safe but is pretty well maintained by the City.
My Community is small, connected and very close, with families living in the area for 50 to 70 years. Both set of my Grandparents are still living and have lived here all their lives. We have several animal adoption centers and I have even volunteered at Wag Feast events and the Humane Society. I even foster my first dog who soon became part of my family. We have Community Events for everyone. Our local YMCA serves children with daycare, camps and free swimming classes for all third grade classes in our County. We also have a Museums, a Senior Center where the Seniors can exercise, do crafts, play cards, eat lunch or take trips. Our Vineyards are beautiful and several folks use them for Weddings.
We have issues like any other Community. I feel safe in my home town but we did have a shooting at our local high school and that was very scary. The Dare Office responded immediately and no other kids were involved. Crime is increasing with home/car break-ends, Gang and drug related concerns. Police are always seen on our local roads, High school and Community events.
I love living in this small town Community. We have a State Park to hike, lakes for swimming, fishing and boating and so many more opportunities, like hunting, a Theater, Community College, Vineyards and a Golf Course. I love riding horses and we have the Fork Stables where the Olympic Equestrian Team attends for time trails and I volunteer. We have all four seasons which is nice and I enjoy experiencing each one. Our local School System is having issues regarding need for academic growth and no new facilities. We recently had new Stores open for shopping and I'm so excited. I no longer have to go out of County to shop some of my favorite Stores. If I had to live anywhere, I would chose my home town again.
It's a nice and quiet small town, the opportunities are just as small.
There are some good people, there are some bad. Because this is a small Southern town, they aren't all very inviting and welcoming of minority groups. They tend to be rude and will talk about you behind your back. However, there are also some people who are very nice and so not discriminate. It's a 50/50.
There are good stores here that have everything that you need.
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It's a small area so there isn't much job opportunities. Most people work at retail, grocery, companies and fast food. There are jobs such as teachers and government and court jobs.
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