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I have lived in Albany Or for two years while attending Linn-Benton Community College. I would reccommed living in corvallis if you are a college student. I would also reccomend living in Albany if you are on a budget or want less nightlife.
It is a very normal city. There are pretty obvious sections that are all pretty different from each other. North Albany is a newer area with lots of farm land and are to build. Whereas, West Albany is pretty densely populated and has a lot of fast food chains. South Albany is where majority of the big shopping areas are located and there is also new deveilpment for housing. The schools are pretty good, yet there could be some updating in the buildings themselves.
Albany is a cute little town with a diverse community. I have lived here since I was 4 and have always loved it.
I lived in Albany and the surrounding area for 34 years, just moving away last summer. I always enjoyed living there. It's not perfect, but it is a nice, mostly middle class town. I like that it is clean, lower than average crime, and has lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. It is also nice that it is central to so many places; 45 minutes to Eugene, an hour from Portland, about an hour to the coast, and about an hour to the high desert. I only moved away because I finally had the opportunity to follow my dream and buy some acreage in the mountains.
Pros: Lots of city activities and parks for families, good community resources, and most of the schools including the community college are decent, not great just decent (although most of the teachers don't live here). Downtown is trying hard to develop.
Cons: EVERYTHING else! Our mayor is an ignorant twit, our "mall" is garbage, traffic lights and railroad crossings are defunct, housing is slum or heinously overpriced, you can't get a job unless you're ok with PT/min wage/fast food even with a degree (which means you can't afford the homes at over $200k+), HUGE drug problem, the local police force/judicial system are completely corrupt, and there is absolutely nothing to do past 7pm. That's when the tweakers and hood rats roam the streets in droves. Oh, and it reeks like rotten eggs from the nearby paper plant when it's foggy or rains, which is often.
It is a small town with a big town feel. There are many large chain stores here. The biggest issue for me is that fast that this place smells awful after it rains. I'm not sure if anyone else smells that smell, buts its bad. Other than that this place isn't a bad place to live as long as you don't plan on buying a home, the market is very overpriced here.
Other than our methamphetamine usage being second to none, Albany rocks.
Albany is an absolute dumpster fire of a town. However, it's my dumpster fire.
Cops are visible. Low upkeep in the area.
Albany is an okay town depending on the area you live in. Crime isn't bad, but people don't seem to keep up their homes or yards. This apartment complex was really nice when I moved in but they raise the rent every chance they get and not just small amounts. I am moving when my lease is up, after being here 2 yrs., because of the poor management decisions and high rent. It is one thing to charge higher rent for new tenants but they don't care about their current tenants. Lots of young people with big, loud dogs. When I moved in dogs weren't allowed and now there is about 75% tenant with dogs. These units are very nice though. Nice floor plan, good sound buffering, stainless appliances, dark cabinets. Lighting is poor. Some units have granite, some have tile counters. Nice foe wood floors in kitchen and dining room. I love my apartment, the management is allowing the grounds and upkeep go by the way side unless a fit is thrown. It saddens me. I have loved it here. Rent is now way too high.
There is crime here, just like in any other town.
Great place to live. Small enough to have driving access everywhere in town. And large enough to have a variety of places to shop and eat out. Average mall, a couple of movie theaters and hang out spots.
No matter how visible Police try to be, there will always be crime. The crime levels in Albany have been escalating in the last few years. As a kid I never felt the need to lock things because I never had anything go missing. Now, I always have to be aware of anything left outside. I have had 3 tires slashed and all the VW symbols taken off my car. My friends have also reported issues.
I feel like Albany is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is centrally located; It is roughly an hour from the mountains and the beach. There is easy access to the interstate and the hospitals are close. I would definitely choose to live in this town again. I would say Albany is in the top 100 towns across the country and I want to remain in this area unless work forces me to move.
It's a very low crime area with lots of cops living in the area
It's a pretty typical housing development
Crime is mostly minor, the last major crime was a high school building being burned down a year or two ago. Otherwise it's mostly just the occasional drug addict or drunk driver.
There are some problems, such as racism and drugs, but overall it's as good as any other place I've lived.
The crime and safety of others is not a concern in Albany. I have never had to worry about my personal safety or the ones around me. Of course, there will always be crime, but I know that the goodness or our people and police will take care of things. Not many places in this world can say that, and I am thankful that I can.
Albany Oregon is a pretty small town with limited things to do. It is a minimalists dream. I have lived in Albany all of my life. Compared to other places in the world, Albany may be boring or lame to others, but It's home. If I had to choose anywhere to live, Albany might not be my first option, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
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