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I was born and raised in Houston, Tx but have been living in Albany, NY since late May, and I am surprised and grateful at my experience thus far. I've experienced friendly strangers, beautiful smiles, a community that help its neighbors, help when needed it but did not ask, and comfort. Albany's visual beauty allows its historical stories to continue to be told with the upkeep and ongoing use of its original architecture. I love that their are community gardens every couple of blocks, free concerts to attend all the time, beautiful parks to run around in, great hiking trails, community barbecue with the police, etc. Again, so far my experience as been a blessing and feels like a home away from home. As far as changes go, one thing would like to see change is less glass and trash on the street.
Albany used to be the place to be - a city like wise anyways. With the art scene and gays and all other cray people that weren't afraid to express their inner self. Over the years section 8 and low-income family housing brought much of what I sadly like to call the riff raff over - Now don't get me wrong Albany is absolutely segregated communities and is built on lies and racism. It's not so bad though if you live in center square, and are in before midnight!
I like the Capital Region of Albany, I think it's a nice area. I've never been Downtown, but it sounds like there is a lot of attractions.
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There is not a lot to do in Albany NY. I would love if there were better restaurants and nightlife in this city.
Albany has distinct separations of college town, quiet family areas, villages, and the parts where you do not want to wander off to. I've lived here three years of my adult life and I've come to find that it is hard to get friends here unless you work or go to school with that person. People aren't mean they just don't speak much which is different from my southern upbringing. There is not much excitement in Albany whatsoever except for the very few popular concerts/ shows that pop in to town, and even then most times it's in Saratoga. I can say Albany does have a wide variety of food options which I love. Your tongue palate can experience anything from Vegan to Caribbean. Albany also has a great bus system and if you go to any college you get free bus rides with a swipe of your student ID. I believe it's the same for Albany med employees as well. Overall I see Albany as a place to attend college and get out. In my eyes there isn't much growth here everything seems very routine.
There is a lot to do and places to go in Albany. The shopping malls have a variety of selections to suit every need. In addition, the restaurants spread across town offer you the flexibility to eat a different cuisine every day. I especially enjoy attending outdoor events or having a picnic in Washington Park with my friends. In the winter, I enjoy ice-skating downtown near The Egg. The transport options are plentiful and the town is well connected to other nearby towns and cities. For instance, the Amtrak train is useful for travelling to other towns, while the CDTA buses are useful for short trips around the capital region.
Albany is a pretty decent city. I am fortunate enough to live downtown, very close to Empire Plaza but living here has been a good experience for me. There are several events happening in my area almost every day, and there is always something to do. The nightlife is the best in the area (you would have to get to New York, Montreal, or Boston to have anything better) and the cost of living is very affordable. There are several colleges in the area making it a great place to meet new people my own age. Moving here was the right thing for me to do, and I believe that many other students would agree.
There is often roadwork in albany, and a lot of traffic and hustle and bustle. people tend to keep to themselves a lot. Public transportation is convenient and the buses run fairly often.
Albany is a great city to be a young adult in, with a variety of experiences available. Home to various theaters, parks, businesses, and schools, it can be an easy place to start one's life out on their own.
I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY and I love it in Albany. I would move here permanently if I could. It can get a little cold but that is the least of my worries.
Just moved here recently and I am really enjoying the area! I feel safe and feel there is a lot to do.
I love that Albany has a strong small business community. You can buy the best breads, meats, cheeses, wines and produce locally. I would like to see the education system improve. The public libraries are poorly stocked and have very limited hours for patrons.
average at best. Good food decent museum, rest of the place is kind of rundown. I moved years ago and never went back. Don't miss it at all.
I have lived here my whole life and have noticed a drastic change over the years. I appreciate all the effort the community has put forth in order to make Albany a safer and more fun place to live.
I moved to Albany NY three years ago. Since I knew that Albany is the capital of New York, I was expecting a noisy and busy town. On the contrary, what I found was very different from my expectations. Albany is a quite friendly town, perfect for families with kids or students because it has great colleges and universities.
It also has many green areas, like Washington Park where I often go for running or simply to get some fresh air. The Empire State Plaza, a government building for which Albany is known, is another great place to visit. There are many bars located on Lark street which are full with people on weekends, so if you want the noisy nightlife, this is the place for you. I have not had any safety issues until now so I would say that is safe to live in Albany. There are also some great hospitals in Albany, like Albany Medical Center and St. Peter's Hospital. Overall, I think that I made the right choice by moving in Albany, because it is a great place to live.
I would like to study "English" at the SUNI University at Albany. I have never been in Albany, but I heard that this city is really comfortable to live and to study. For instance, public transportation is good.
You're in for an intellectually stimulating experience if you choose to explore all that Albany has to offer.
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I'm from a small town called plattsburgh where everyone is overly friendly, the only thing i wish was different about albany were peoples attitudes. It's not the same welcoming feeling from everyone.
Pollution is horrible. One of my favorite hobbies is to watch the stars as I am unable to do so. It is dangerous and you have four different colleges in a 5 mile radius.
Albany is a fun little city with many activities in or around the area. There are many colleges in the area, as well as state buildings, being the capital and all. Most everything is within walking distance, but there are frequent busses for things that are not. There is a growing Indian and Middle Eastern population, adding to the already diverse city. Overall, Albany is a good place to live, especially if you're a fan of snow in the winter.
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