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Pollution is horrible. One of my favorite hobbies is to watch the stars as I am unable to do so. It is dangerous and you have four different colleges in a 5 mile radius.
Albany is a fun little city with many activities in or around the area. There are many colleges in the area, as well as state buildings, being the capital and all. Most everything is within walking distance, but there are frequent busses for things that are not. There is a growing Indian and Middle Eastern population, adding to the already diverse city. Overall, Albany is a good place to live, especially if you're a fan of snow in the winter.
Beautiful capitol buildings. General infrastructure could use maintenance. Good education opportunities for college students.
Lots of college students so there's a lot of young people and really diverse options for eating/entertainment. Lots of small businesses, easy to find housing, etc.
Albany is a quiet city . There are a lot of family activities in the city and neighboring towns ,but you have to be willing to search for them . Albany is a nice place to raise kids compared to other large cities . I refer to it as a college town because of the presence of a lot of top colleges . There is very little traffic in Albany , and you can actually enjoy your daily work commute.
A small-town minded city with a lot to do, but that earns it's nickname of Small-bany. Lots of institutions of higher education, so plenty of student culture around. Lots to do out in the city, but close to nature with the Adirondacks and Catskills in driving distance.
Albany has good opportunities for school and job. I received my education here in Albany Ny. I am a older person would went back to school and have learn a lot about life and education.I learn about the job opportunities and healthy living and more.
houses are very close together.
More families in the area would help
No crime in immediate area,, but there is in the city
Not a lot of families in the area, mostly college
It takes time for the police to come when it comes to certain area
The area is very comfortable to live in and there are pets surrounded throughout our neiborhood. The neighbors are also respectful and always greet everyone in the neighborhood
There is sometimes issues with traffic and some drivers are incredibly reckless.
There could be more job opportunities availabe especially for people who are getting their first job. Most employers wants someone with experience but usually don't have the chance to gain experience.
The food was lovely in most occassions. But some restaurants served poor food and service
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