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I’ve been procrastinating, writing about this amazing little town for a very long time. Albany has a small town family, fitness, leisure vibe. Nestled between the bay and Berkeley hills, Albany is magical. I love the walkability, diversity, amazing weather, and restaurants. Solano Ave is a gem and should be explored. Albany is very well centralized and reflects the best of both worlds a bedroom community that’s a hop skip and a jump to the big city and any amenity or form of indoor or outdoor activity you can conjure up. The homes are older and smaller though charming and whimsical and very well maintained. The weather here is amazing the best weather in my humble opinion in the world though at night it can get a little chilly. The schools as are some of the best in CA and all have been refurbished. The police department is community supportive and very responsive. Albany is a very safe community with artistic, open minded, intelligent creative people as its inhabitants.
Great user-friendly city to live in . Lots of amenities - but doesn't have a hospital. Public transit is easy and readily available If you live in Albany, you're no more than a 10-minute drive to the San Francisco Bay (just take Marin Avenue to where it ends). There are a ton of restaurants and shops on Solano Avenue. Several parks but none of them admittedly are spectacular and they are small. Our family loved living there although in the past several years it has become very expensive, almost as much as Berkeley which is legendary for its rents.
Over all a pretty nice small town, safe and with nice neighborhoods. It has its own public library and other public services. Next to Berkeley, so it pretty convenient.
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Albany is a small town and feels like a nice community and the schools are very safe, sweet places, though lately there has been a bit of drama with a bullying incident at the high school which is why I do not want to give it more than three stars for the time being. Albany is a small town, most people go next door to Berkeley for more exciting nightlife and Berkeley is definitely a more diverse place than Albany. I do not know much about the real estate market because I am a teenager, I also do not have a job, though many students at my high school do work locally so I am guessing that job opportunities, at least for millennials. I also do not need to commute in and out of Albany because I live only thee blocks away from my high school. Most of my schoolmates also walk to school because Albany is so small, most of us do not meed to commute.
Albany is a small city, but is close to bigger districts, such as Berkeley. The city is extremely safe for kids and adults. The people living here are diverse and extremely friendly. The school system in Albany is amazing. One thing though, is that the cost of living in Albany is expensive due to the awarded school system.
Quiet, safe, warm community. Friendly and respectful habitants, frequent community events, right next to Berkeley, accessible and convenient public transportation. Great public school system, plenty of businesses on bustling Solano Ave.
This is by far the best place I have lived in the Bay Area and I have lived in various cities. It has a real small town feel. With monthly and yearly events it is easy to become a member of this community. All the neighbors know each other and you are going to meet much more people around town. There are many little shops and local restaurants that attract people from all over the bay. If you have any dietary restrictions then this is also a great place for you. Lots of entertainment choices and night light for all ages but far enough away from the university to not have loud nights outside your door.
Albany is a great area just north of Berkeley, CA. It is close enough to the UC and freeways to be easily accessible by car and public transportation, but still has a quiet neighborhood feeling.
The local police and fire are extremely responsive. Calls to emergency services are responded to in a timely manner.
Albany is a great place to raise a family. The schools are all solid and kids feel safe walking around town.
The housing is pretty diverse, but it is becoming very expensive.
Pretty close community, lots of activities, and there's a seasonal activity book and newsletter.
It's pretty safe, but it is vulnerable to crime and violence like any other city.
I love Albany, but I hate how it is becoming more difficult to live and afford the housing in the Bay Area. I love the weather, the food, the diversity, the open mindedness, but then again, most folks here have egos and live in this little bubble (Bay Area).
Overall this area is a great city to live in. It is very diverse with closed knit small community really brings up the value of lives.
Albany is a very cute, small, caring community. I loved my experience here and wouldn't choose anywhere else to grow up. There aren't that many things to do since it is such a small area, but overall it is a very pleasant and safe place to live.
Since I am not at the age to pay taxes, I don't have a big say on this. I just believe the government could spent our money in better ways and could tax the rich a lot more.
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The weather is beautiful here, California is in a drought and small earthquakes are frequent more than any other place. Hopefully we don't have a big one coming up. But other then that the weather is great.
Since this town is family-oriented there is a lot of food in the area, but not a lot of options for clubs and bars.
Many people that live in the area, don't work very close to home. So, work is quite far for many residents.
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