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If you're the type of person who likes the small town feel with all the amenities available, Alamosa is the town for you. It has great grocery stores, plenty of hotels, many new, but could use more restaurants because of the university and junior college located in Alamosa. Weather is great.
Not enough housing or activities for a college town. Great small town welcome and people are very caring and kind. Alamosa just needs more resources.
It's not a bad place but it's not a good place either. There are lots of good people here but there is so much drug activity here that it almost cancels out the good. Needs to be cleaned up desperately and roads are in terrible condition.
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I love Alamosa. It is a small town where everyone knows everyone. It feels like you're family. The seasons change dramatically so you see the colors of the trees and the winter is just beautiful. There are always activities thrown by the town to attend like the Ice festival, homecoming for both Adams State University and the high school.
They have a job to do just like everyone else. Some days they are better at it than others.
Its a nice town for people who like quiet or creating their own fun. If you like city you will not like Alamosa. The biggest attraction year-round is Walmart. Only a few hours away(not even an hour in some cases) there are beautiful local places you can visit that let you connect with the valley's history. This includes the sand dunes,hooper pool, and Zapata falls, one of our numerous hikes.
Crime is not a big issue here. We have a fully staffed sheriffs office and police department along with the Adams State security.
This little town is growing always, but it keep its small town feel with festivals and car shows. We have a good start to the tourist market, but have work to do there. It is overall relatively safe, and comfortable.
My town has had a lot of break ins, vandalism and thefts lately.
The town of Alamosa is very small and family oriented but it seems like everyone knows everything about one another. There is also not that much to do on your free time. Those are the only downfalls of Alamosa other than that I love it!!!
Its a great place to grow up in. It is not a place that changes or evolves very fast so there is minimal opportunity.
I'm not sure about the area i have not lived here long enough.
The area is okay if you stay close to the college. The south side of the rail road tracks is not very safe at all.
their are a lot of good quality homes but their is little deviation from the homes and are all really close together.
Their is a strong sense of community with in this small town.
Once in a blue moon something happens but for the most part this is a very safe place to live
The San Luis Valley is a good place to live if you want a nice safe comfortable life style, Nature is always supper close. but their is very little to do here
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This area gives a pretty small town feel. Anyone looking for a small town atmosphere would love it here. There are a few amazing wonders here such as the Sand Dunes. The mountains are about an hours drive away. Alamosa, Colorado also gives off a pretty country vibe. Industry is on the rise though. Many people are moving in currently. It seems like every month a couple new businesses are being opened. The most recent one is ihop. I would say Alamosa has about 10,000 people including a college campus at Adams State University which has about 1,500 students. Alamosa is located in the San Luis Valley which is an amazing area. If i were to be able to choose anywhere to raise a child or be raised it would be in San Luis Valley.
i would say is the only thing that gets me excited is the sand dunes, they are cool to go and making it to the top and have a nice whole day out but than again at times its cold and families with kids will get worried of them getting sick.
the weather is confusing here, if you look it up there is not much of summer really cold and its starting to get me mad because i have no fun in summer for the cold that takes over and even when its sunny the cold kicks in and ruins the day. it changes like in morning its ok but after one pm you will get caught in an unpleasant weather here with wind and hail mix so i want to move so i can at least for once enjoy my birthday in may somewhere where it will not mess up my day up in mountains and enjoy camping or hiking. its been like three years that i havent been hiking which makes me think do i really want to live here?
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