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I love the fact that the white sands is just a stones throw away. And the mountains are on both sides of where I live. I wouldn't change anything.
Alamogordo is a small town, with nice views of mountains and sunsets. A popular nearby national park is White Sands National Monument, many movies and famous actors occasionally come by. The town is primarily an armed forces retiree town with Holloman AFB close by. If you get tired of the heat you can drive to Cloud Croft or Ruidoso. Some of the downsides are, there are not many stores to go to, the mall should not have the title of a mall. However, you can travel an hour or hour and half to Las Cruces or El Paso in Texas.
Alamogordo has a great scenery with the mountains and White Sands Monument very close makes it very nice.
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Alamogordo is a great town to retire to. It's a beautiful area and the sunsets are unmatched anywhere else. The cost of living is very low, but so is the pay. The neighboring Air Force Base is the only area that offers job opportunities outside of the local hospital. Advancement in any career outside of these two areas is minimal. There are not a lot of things for teenagers to do. There are several programs for small kids, but once your child is 13 there really is not much. The schools leave a lot to be desired. There is a movie theater and a few sit down chain restaurants, but otherwise not much else to do for anyone else. This town is great if you can afford to take a break, and just want to watch the day go by.
I grew up in Alamogordo New Mexico, well practically. From the age of three until eighteen. Then I went to college and after 3.5 years came back to figure out my next step in life. I still live here! Alamogordo is a beautiful spot. Filled with the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever see, heat, and purple mountains that make you feel safe. It is unfortunate the town is so small and honestly sort of run down. I have outgrew my stay here and although I plan on leaving within the next 6-9 months, I will always have fond memories of this place throughout my childhood and high school life. No where can replace home.
No matter how much you try to get away from this town, you will ALWAYS find your way back! Nice little town that is slowly growing. Near Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missle Range. Only 45 minutes away from the mountains!
Alamogordo is a small town good for raising a family .The people in this town all have good values and a very nice.
Nice town very friendly has most everything someone can need... and not a long drive to bigger cities.
This town is very welcoming and everyone is really polite. I enjoy that there is never gridlock traffic and there are great hiking trails with in 30 minutes. I would like to see the abandoned homes get taken down and the trash by the highway get picked up. It would also be nice to see more companies take interest in this town.
I lived in Alamogordo, NM as a young military spouse with two small children. Our whole family loved the area! There was plenty to do, outdoor activities, parks and recreation. Our daughter was a girl scout, our son volunteered with Animal Rescue Mission and both had many friends with opportunities to ride horses, hike, explore fossils, learn new sports and see great sites. The balloon festival in September celebrated 75 years over White Sands while we were there. The balloons went right over our house. In the heat of summer, a cool reprieve in Cloudcroft and just enough snow and cold in the winter, made it the perfect climate to raise a family in every season. I would go back again, today, if there was good civilian work available, but there isn't. The town really does exist because of the Air Force Base. The schools were great, and the infrastructure was good. The best part about the town was the friendly people of all nationalities.
I have lived in Alamogordo all of my life. Great place to raise a family, but not much to do in the night life for young adults. I also think it would be great if they had a better variety of restaurants.
As I've lived here I realized that it's an okay place. It is a very small town with scarce entertainment but despite that it does serve as a hub for things around.
It was wonderful I saw mountains I went to many Canyon, I went to the Trinity Site white sands national monument, Oliver Lee park, aviator ten. I saw beautiful sunsets at white sands. I visited a lot of family members in Tularosa as well as Alamogordo I enjoyed being here on Christmas I love this place
A military town with a good dose of western historical culture blended in. The locals either like you or don't, there is not much grey area in this matter, so it can be hard for outsiders to land good jobs without having been established here for a while. The landscape itself is awe-inspiring whether you are out in the White Sands Desert, a National Historical Monument, or looking down upon it from Cloudcroft or the newly established monument of the Organ Mountain Range. The cost of living is low and the weather is, in general mild. I have found many people who have sold their homes in more expensive places, such as California, and moved here to retire, as their dollars will last them a much longer time. Yet I am ready to leave with my college degree and move on.
I would like to see the city council open the town up to more growth. They seem to be stunting the towns growth purposely. I enjoy the people here as they are usually very nice.
I wish there were more job opportunities here for military spouses here. I am military and my husband has had issues finding a good paying job here. Also there isn't much to do in town. In order to do anything, you have to drive at least an hour.
Nice small town. Pretty quiet. If you want to get away from the big city and enjoy a west small town, Alamogordo would be the place. Family friendly activities to do.
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This place is tolerable for the time being. The people are relatively kind and helpful and the businesses are a little worn down, but okay in general. It is too hot however and there is not much to do for entertainment.
when you need the police there not there to help
There isn't a lot to do here.
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