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Alamo, Texas is a peaceful city to live in. Every year there is a watermelon festival during the Spring and it has become such a nice tradition for the community. The city is such a friendly environment. I would definitely recommend people to live in Alamo.
If urban cities are not your favorite, then Alamo, Texas, is a great city; it is a small town, but I must say that although this town is small, and often not recognized, it actually has a lot to offer to people who want to have a calm life. One thing I would like to see change is diversity. In this town, the majority of the population is Mexican or Hispanic, which is not a bad thing, but it almost feels like the city has naturally been segregated because of the border of Mexico which is a few miles away. I feel that this city has become a homeland for just minorities; it is a great small town that people should not be afraid to live in just because it is mostly populated my Mexicans and Hispanics.
Alamo is a nice place for people who like peace and tranquillity. The town is a nice place to live because the schools are very close and high-quality education. The weather in Alamo is very hot and windy at times but overall it is a nice place to live.
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I like Alamo, Texas ever since I moved over to Alamo from Edinburg. The people are nice; There are many warm-hearted people. I live off of Nebraska, a few streets from Eldora road. I would like to see Alamo help build new roads--I want Alamo to take initiative to repair Eldora road. Eldora road is very bumpy.
there isn't a lot in the community only if theres an outsider.
great community, to start or have a family in Alamo.
I personally don't really talk to my neighbors, but when I do they are friendly and treat us nice.
I had never seen this, but because I did see a car chase I changed it to its okay. There was like 6 police trucks behind a car that had drugs on the back. That hasn't happened again so its okay living here.
I have lived here for enough time, but I know there is worst places to live in like I also know there is better places to live in.
In this area the crime is low but it seems to be that there is a lot of vandalism. There are not a lot of major crimes occurring in this city, which gives me a very high sense of safety. The police officers are always patrolling and they are visible in case of a crime or emergency. The police officers are very helpful and will even help someone who has a flat tire.
Living in this area overall is nice and there is not a lot of crimes. As a community we work together to make sure that the place we live in is thriving peacefully and safely. Aside from the safety that this community has, there is not many things to do in the city of Alamo. There are some restaurants but not many big places to see. I love this city, I have lived all my life here but I would like to move to a slightly bigger city in the future.
While there are things to do here, the Machizo culture can be a downside for any woman who values not only her own thoughts but the right her her mind. Not everyone is like this, thankfully. Besides this, I live in an interesting place to see two kinds of culture (Mexican and American) blend together.
I would live here my entire life if I could. However to pursue a graduate degree, I need to leave the area to get a certain specialty.
There is lots of eco-tourism as well as many shopping areas.
With growing violence on the border, security in the area has stepped up but their focus in international issues, not the local stuff that occasionally happens.
Typically an area with a hot climate but winters have become increasingly colder which does not sit well with locals.
I am not one to party tremendously nor do I typically hit the downtown bar area but there is a growing diversity in food options in the area. Local restaurants are changing how they create specials and are marketing towards the growing wants of locals. Now they offer local items and flavors which is great for the area.
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Employment in the area is good for certain sectors of the workforce. If you are a blue collar worker (law enforcement, EMS, Firefighter) then you have a good shot at employment and growth. Also if you work in Accounting, the medical field, and retail you can definitely find a job. Careers in the fine and liberal arts is rare. There are few opportunities for someone in that field. Plus the jobs that do exist around here do not make what their counterparts around the country are making.
Fair balance of mom/pop stores and commercial chains.
Jobs in the RGV pay too little and demand to much.
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