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Alamo is a small town which I would like to see preserved for it's intimacy. It's a wonderful place to raise a family as it is very safe.
It's a very nice and safe area with well-kept homes and a convenient location close to cities like Berkeley and San Francisco. However, it has a very homogenous population (white, well-educated, older, affluent) and is not affordable.
Alamo and the surrounding area is known to locals as the "bubble". Growing up here is very safe and education is fantastic, and the community is strong. There is very little diversity however, there is a predominantly white population. Starbucks is the gathering place of Alamo, where you are expected to order a very specific customized drink. Alamo plaza has a Safeway, Panera, 5 guys and other various restaurants which is nice. We are right next to Walnut Creek, which has lots of shopping. The iron horse trail provides an outlet for excercise or family walks, as do the hills of Las trampas. All in all, Alamo is a very safe and great place to grow up, but I look forward to experiencing the "real world"
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It is a super safe place to be. There is a police station downtown as well as a fire station. I believe it is one of the safest places to be in the country. I have never felt threatened here.
It is a great place to live and grow up. I love living in a suburb, but being extremely close to San Francisco and Berkeley. I would want my family to be raised here and I think it is one of the best places in the country to live. All the people are very sweet and its a very safe area to be in.
The food's kind of the worst of both worlds, here. The restaurants are incredibly expensive because they know people will pay their prices. There are many would-be "artisanal" restaurant owners, but they for the most part haven't got the skill to live up to their ambition. All of the really great chefs live in the nearby cities, so this area is mostly filled with chefs who either couldn't find work in other fields or have settled for being second-rate. Most of the restaurants don't accommodate gluten-free eaters, and good luck with dairy-free!! Those places that do are few and many are located twenty minutes away from where I live, at least. Meanwhile, trying to park downtown for pick-up is a mess, yet no place except pizza parlors delivers here.
It is very difficult to find a place to live if you are not willing to buy the place. If you are, you probably are going to have to put in your own time and effort to get it up to snuff. If you are renting, your landlord is likely to pay zero attention to attempts you make to improve the place. Utilities are expensive, and many landlords take advantage of the market to jack up prices and to exploit their tenants.
Most of the stores in this area are either chain stores, or else mom-and-pop shops that have been here forever and refuse to change with the times. I'm gluten-free, and I have to skip towns to find any restaurant or cafe willing to accommodate me in that regard. The boutiques are invading, and raising the prices town-wide. I personally order most of my clothes from Amazon, because it's easier than driving for twenty minutes to the local Target store in order to pick up a few shirts.
If you've got a graduate studies degree or are willing to work for a very low wage, this is the place for you. If not, good luck finding work. Most places are inundated with replies the instant they create a Craigslist ad mentioning that they are hiring. I struggled even to find a not-so-great job as a tutor. If you don't have years of experience already, chances are, most places won't take a chance on hiring you because they don't have to.
If you have enough money, the hospitals probably treat you really well. If you're not loaded, however, expect to be treated like a number and to receive many derisive glares if you even slightly resist the mechanical pull of the medical machine. Most folks are active physically for lack of anything better to do. People mostly go to gyms or play golf; a few run or bike.

Personally, I feel somewhat uncomfortable in the local gyms because I actually have a life and don't have two hours each day to spend at the gym. Also, I'm a mixed-race person surrounded by white folks on all sides, here. My body type is therefore clearly not, in the minds of those around me, ideal. Moreover, I live in an area in which many women are out to get a sugar daddy. I'm not, but I dislike the stares I receive at the gym that imply that the men around me wish I were on this page.
Compared to other places I have lived, this place isn't so bad. The sense of community is practically nonexistent, but the streets are clean and relatively safe even to walk at night. Because no one really pays attention to what anyone else does, no one gets in one another's business. However, if you're looking for people to hang out with and have backyard barbecues, this isn't it. The place is very pet-friendly, with folks more than ready to have each other's backs regarding animal safety. There's maybe one community-wide event per year, at most.
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