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This area is very family oriented and offers a good experience for young families that would like a diverse environment for their kids.
I've never had a personal experience with crime in my area.
I love the environment especially around the University , its definitely a college town!
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there have some reports of burglary in the neighborhood over the past several years- probably about 3-5 over the last 18 years. I feel pretty safe- we have neighborhood watch. Police are around weekly- they drive around and sit on the main street. I do want to get a camera for my front yard. My neighbor across the street got his tires stolen off his vehicleabout 5 years ago...
Love my neighbors and neighborhood. Close to highways, but not in my backyard,shopping, schools. Lots of trees.
Orlando Florida is a prime area to live in. There is so many amusements parks and things to do. We are also not far from the beach and have many restaurants. The only other place I would live is California because of its similar Florida features.
Lived in a gated-community so it was generally safe.
Friendly people, and well-kept area
I haven't seen any crime in my area. A few car crashes though.
Most likely will choose to live here again. I like my home and the area. Close to school, highways, and work.
Overall my community is a very safe area. I often leave my car unlocked in the driveway and I have never gotten anything stolen
I love the area I live in, its a quaint little suburb close to UCF. However it is mostly families and my being a college student sometimes it gets a tad boring. However they do have awesome family oriented events every year and amazing schools including my alma mater. It is also very convenient for me because it is near my job and my university
So far for the time that I have lived here, there has been no real crime or threat to my safety. A drunk person mistaken our apartment for his own, but we kindly told him he had the wrong place and he apologized.
The families here are very friendly with lovely children and are very pet friendly. The rooms are a nice size and I like how close the park is. I wish service here could be a little faster and the sound proofing could be better. Overall, I like the atmosphere and enjoy living here.
its not as bad as other places
Nothing much to do in the actual neighborhood, unless your neighborhood has a pool or is walking distance to other places
There is not many problems with crime except for a few cases of breakthroughs, myself included. But in all cases was home or got home and the criminals were caught rapidly and the possessions returned
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This is the best neighborhood I've lived in so far. It's very quiet and peaceful at all times of the day and the neighbors are very friendly and open to conversation. The weather is nice since its florida. There's many stores and restaurants around to visit if you need a time out. Also a lot of oppurtunities for employment if you try hard enough.
some areas are better than others
I like where I live. I don't need a car to go to the gym or for food. Its necesary but you can live without a car. It is a good place, good security and is either too loud or too quite.
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