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Alachua is a nice, quiet small town in north central Florida. It boasts quaint restaurants, friendly people, and a relaxed lifestyle. While maintaining this quiet environment, Alachua also welcomes industry to provide career opportunities to its residents.
Its my Family home country living and many memories have formed here from raising goats to cleaning the coupé. Its way different from the city life more humble and peaceful. Makes the chaos seem so small.
Alachua, FL is a small town in North Central Florida that is full of small town charm. You can easily get to know the local business owners and be as involved as you'd like in the community. Main St. has several restaurants and various places to shop. The location is superb with easy access to Gainesville, FL by both I-75 and 441.
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I have lived in the city of Alachua for about 9 years now and it has grown so much in a sense of population. However, the city its' self has not really matured nor is it willing to accept change. I relocated to Alachua, FL from St. Petersburg,FL shortly after getting married. We built our home there. I immediately began to notice that there was not alot going on in the community for the youth and young adults. I approached the local recreation center's representatives to inquire about starting a step team or some sort of activity outside of the normal football, basketball, and cheer. Something the youth could do maybe between seasons or such. I was shut down, never given a chance to prove that this may have been an opportunity for the city's youth to shine and maybe becaome noticed. I have since tried to start up a local dance team for the community and no backing or support from the city still. So, in a nut shel Alachua in a nice town but don't go looking for any community support.
Im not concerned about most of the things mentioned above because we dont have them, but the ones that i am concerned about such a street lighting and sidewalk maintenance, i feel is dangerous kids can get hurt or snatched up.
This area is great because people are friendly here. No one here is afraid to meet new people.
There's probably not a lot to do compared to other cities close by, but it is getting new stores and is getting bigger. It's a small town that is growing larger.
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