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This a great community to raise your children in. Alabaster has numerous small parks, plenty of room for growth to this city. The schools have been great for my son and it a great place for anything you need.
Great city. There is a huge shopping center located in Alabaster where you can find anything you need. Shopping and food options aplenty.
I have lived in Alabaster for basically all of my life. I was in the school system from K-12. I am glad to see that we have our own school system and are building a much bigger high school. I am not sure that will help alleviate morning and afternoon traffic problems because the schools are already pretty close to each other on or near Thompson Road and the new high school is on Thompson Road too. But I do see that they have adjusted the lanes near the traffic lights and added more officers to direct traffic so it is a work in progress. I did not do many things in Alabaster, I worked and dined out mostly in Pelham and shopped in Hoover and went to church in Bessemer. However, last summer I had a seasonal job in Alabaster at the Y and that was very nice. I'm excited to see how Alabaster expands in the next decade so I can compare to now and track our growth!
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This community is close and active, hosting several events, City Hall at the hub of it all, that both enrich and cherish community members. One of the most successful and unique traditions in Alabaster is the Farmer's Market on the greens of the City Hall grounds. It has served as a great mixer for citizens, as well as opened the community's eyes to the healthy benefits of homegrown lifestyle. Mayor Handlon extends a warm welcome to all, serving as both a strong and friendly example of the type of citizen all should strive to be.
Alabaster is quite and small. It's really family oriented and a nice place to raise your family. The schools are nice and they give a quality education.
Great experience so far! We have been here for a long time and are very involved in the community. Would definitely recommend living here.
Crime is very slim in the neighborhood. Police mostly patrol for people that are speeding or endangering pedestrians rather than people committing more serious crime. I feel very safe walking around and have never had an encounter with someone of a suspicious nature.
The atmosphere of the neighborhood is great. Everyone is very friendly and polite. The housing market in this area is definitely improving and the houses are well built. I would definitely choose to live here again if I could do it over and I see this neighborhood expanding in the future and becoming one of the city's most populated neighborhoods.
The Alabaster Police Dept. is excellent. They participate in all community activities. They host a get together in Target parking lot every year. They are very patient with young children and the elderly. Quick to respond, makes for a safe feeling atmosphere. My sister is actually considering law enforcement because of the upstanding manner of our police dept.
Alabaster is a small town with some bigger town amenities. Shopping is convenient. Traffic is manageable and it's close to Birmingham with lots of restaurants and entertainment. Maple Ridge Subdivision has large lots and trees are valued. The people are friendly and enjoy helping each other out at any time. Love it!
The housing is great where I live. There are little to no abandoned properties, and the cost of housing is pretty accurate for the amount of house you want.
It is okay. I do not see cops out often.
I like it but I would not choose to live here
Very little crime in this area and if there is, police are always on top of things.
I love it. It is a small town with great people and just a nice environment to live in.
I know people who have lived here all of their lives. It's a great community.
Other than normal teens messing around I have never felt unsafe.
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Maylene is technically Alabaster, but the zip codes are different. I believe niche has overlooked this in their metrics, but nonetheless I grew up in Alabaster and there is a reason we chose it to raise our kids. Homes in our neighborhood do not stay on market long and new ones are being built. Have an excellent hospital in the city, very few on list have this.
For the money the housing is great.
It's a great city and community to live in.
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