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I like the diversity in Akron. I'm not sure what I would change since Akron is in the process of that.
I love Akron's downtown, has wonderful spots to see and shops to visit. The history of the town is rich and is very prevalent in it's buildings.
There are a lot of places to eat and see. Not so many stores and such as you may find in canton. Safe communities.
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What I like:
It's a small city, so it is easy to get around. There is also a lot of variety for food and shopping. Just don't expect any luxury shopping centers.

What could be improved:
It doesn't feel too safe. I've heard gunshots go off before and I get at least five alerts each semester about a shooting or robbery of some sort.
I like that Akron has a lot of job opportunities for their youth. I strongly dislike that there is a lot of gun violence in my city and I wish it would go away.
Akron is a great city for young adults that are trying to grow. It is a great area to use as a stepping stone throughout your time in college. Outside the city can be scary if you live by yourself. I recommend living with someone or else knowing someone close by in case you needed help or anything. I've lived 5 min from downtown Akron for 6+ years now including right across from the University of Akron, where I used to attend college and graduated from. I am back in college and now attend a satellite campus in Akron from a private college
Akron is low-key with enough amenities nearby and easy access to Cleveland. Lots of parks, strong local farmer's markets, established musicians and artists, locally roasted coffee. Heavy on the suburbs, not very many choices for apartment dwelling, houses for rent in nice areas are rare. People are generally friendly but not always interested in developing new connections and can be flakey or simply non-responsive. Access to a variety of yoga studios and bicycle shops within surrounding areas, climbing gyms (ropes and bouldering). Overall, it's a fine area, lacks variety.
In Akron everyone is pretty cookie cutter. Everyone wants to be the same and compare everything they have. No ones happy unless it's a competition and they are winning.On the plus side being this competitive means that every is pretty much friends with everyone else and there is a really great community of people around me.
I absolutely hate living in Akron. It’s crime ridden and you have to be careful about which side of town you live on. Just the other day there was a stabbing followed by a shooting on Copley road. Local politicians don’t seems to care. Education here is terrible.
Born and raised in Akron. You become accustomed to the niche and charm of the city. Akron is family oriented, LGBTQ friendly and free-spirit city.
I moved to Akron in May 2017. This was an affordable place to live while I am finishing school. I have enjoyed living here because it is close to Copley- Fairlawn and Wadsworth, where I love to shop, and where I have piano students. Akron is also a convenient 23-minute drive to my school, Kent State University. Overall, I made a good choice to live here.
Its dirty, but industrious. I think that there has been a lot of money put into the city around the university and that has been very advantageous.
I'd like to see a change in the state of the roads around Akron. Potholes are not a fun driving experience.
I like that no matter how the ratings are for most schools they still manage to give decent education. I also like that the prices are reasonable.
I like the diversity and pretty much universal friendliness. There's actually quite a bit to do in Akron, you just need to do some digging.
There's nothing to do, it's very small to where everybody knows everybody. A lot of people go out of Akron just to go to a outlet/mall or even a restaurant. The community is alright, it could be better though. It's crime most of the time. It's most definitely not safe to walk around at night. I would recommend staying in the "suburbs" which would be like Copley/fairlawn. Overall Akron is not a place to live and enjoy life at the same time in your community.
Northwest Akron - This is seriously one of the most incredible neighborhoods I’ve ever been to. It’s very quiet, safe, every house is well kept and many have incredible curb appeal.
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Akron is relaxed city as compared to other major cities that I have lived in. The people are friendly and it can be an exciting place in the summer with various opportunities to enjoy the outside environment.
Akron, Oh is like any other city or town. The city itself is being rebuilt which is nice. The crime rate seems to be increasing which is very sad.
It is a mid-sized city with a decent amount of activities to take part in. The largest problem is construction. The construction in the downtown area can be very hard to maneuver around. Otherwise, it is a nice city.
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