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I grew up in Akron, Ohio and have seen many changes over the years. The violence in the neighborhoods, local schools, and nightlife has gotten out of control. I would like to see the police being more active in the community to limit the amount of violence.
I absolutely love the city of Akron. The area is a perfect place to come and hang out with family or friends. The school system here is great and there are a lot opportunity for jobs and fun activities like skiing and horse back riding.
I like how it's safe and small. I would like to see more high-end jobs and more entertainment brought to the city.
Too many killings. Not enough solved cases. They need to help the people that pan handle because it's out of control smh.
Akron has a lot of history. Nice little downtown area. I would like to see Akron grow....unfortunately, nothing really flourishes and it seems stagnant.
I've made many great friends going to school in Akron and have found my niche here. Although, the quality of living is low and crime is high.
This area is not a good place to raise a family. I lved there for 17 years and moving was the best decision.
I believe that Akron is being reborn. There are more and more job opportunities. There are more and more neighborhoods banning together to eliminate any bad elements. The downtown area has more and more entertainment spots. Also, we know have hotels closer to the downtown area.
People that are from Akron, get it. It's the home of Lebron, the birthplace of the rubber industry, and full of hometown pride. It's unlike any other place!
When first coming to Akron I didn't know what to expect. At first I just saw it as a run down city but living here for four years and currently a senior at the U of A, I actually really like it. Met great friends, travel around a lot to get to know akron more and the state, university is great and most of all I am part of the men's soccer program. Overall, I see a lot of improvement while I was here, it still needs a better nightlife and I needs to be more active at night meaning have more places open later on. I love it here and I see improvement occur and continue to see it as the years go on.
I was born and raised in Akron. Akron, as well as my single mother, made me who I am today. Akron has taught me how to go for my dreams no matter what happens. Akron has made me strong, independent, determined, so much more. Akron will always have a place in my heart no matter where I am.
I love it here! There's plenty to do around this area and I for sure see myself living here for a long time
I like the culture and diversity of Akron. It's a smaller city but has a welcome environment downtown. Mostly known LeBron James and is turning into a school town because of the growth of University of Akron. The economy isn't bad, you will find a warehouse or factory job if that interest you. It does have entertainment and a variety of food establishments for you to unwind or spend with family. Also the city is close to other bigger market cities like Cleveland. Which you can enjoy multiple professional sports teams and great sports bars. Akron also is 20 miles away from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A very unique tourist event where families can actually see heads of the best of the best retired players. Ohio cost of living is estimated to be $50,000 a year which is pretty fair compared to other states.
I moved to Akron about 8 month ago. It is a nice place to look at as I live in the valley but I have come across some difficulties. I do feel unsafe when I go down town Akron. and I feel that it should be a little bit safer and more up to date.
Akron is a upcoming lively neighborhood with a bustling downtown, very peaceful with university of akron in the main hub. Akron is connected to main cities like cleveland. The best thing that came out of akron is Lebron james and we just won the championship nba game!
I've lived in Akron my entire life and I think it is a beautiful city. I do not know if I will live in Akron for the rest of my life but for now I am proud to call this city my home.
The city of Akron and surrounding area has lots to offer; from the many festivals at lock 3 and surrounding neighborhoods, to the many unique qualities like the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad, and Don Drum studios.
This is where I was born and raised. When living in a city you have to decide for yourself if you let things get in your way of becoming a successful person in life. No matter where you turn there will be people trying to bring you down. You have to stay focused on you! Stay on the right path so that you can make your family and friends proud. I graduated from the University of Akron back in 2013 with a degree in Fire Protection. While doing that I worked on getting my EMT-B and working as a Emergency Medical Technician. Now I work at a mental health facility with psych clients. Currently I am working on my nursing degree part-time at Stark State College in Canton, Ohio. I am a young African American father that works full-time and goes to school part-time. I want to be the greatest example my child can lead by.
I like how there is more to Akron than it seems. I can walk for hours catching Pokemon and never see the same style of house twice. However, I would love to see more investments and business come to Akron. I feel there is an untapped market here that small or home owned business can flourish and prosper. I have not explored the nightlife yet, and I intend to explore the music and art scene. I feel that Akron is a diverse area, where one can experience many types of people and cultures. I have found that the cost of living is adequate, if a bit on the higher side. I would love to see more healthy options in the local area's, that way the community can be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle.
Akron is close to Cleveland and easy to access from highways. The downtown is nice but there is no large business or industry to draw young professionals to the area.
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