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It is a violent place but it is my home and I love it. There is not much to do but you have to make the best out of it. It is like any other place in the world but with less stuff to do. There is not much to experience unless you go to Cleveland or somewhere on the out screrts.
The streets aren't great and honestly neither is the crime rate, but the people here are good and the balance between urban and rural life is amazing. I was born and raised in Akron and to this day I wouldn't want to grow up anywhere else. I may be biased, but it is my opinion that Akron, Ohio is going to get better with time. There are so many unique and motivated individuals here that are working everyday to revitalize this ever historical "Rubber City."
I grew up in Akron and It is a very nice mid size/retirement city. It is a moderate paced city with a moderate amount of crime but overall pretty safe. I would like to see some programs for the youth and some construction completion.
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The values of homes are decreasing because of the economy. I would like to see that turn around and homes become investments once again.
Akron Ohio is home, with great people and food. There is much to do and see. The night-life is upbeat, and original.The restaurants are to die for! Overall, best place to go, in Ohio, if you ask me, I'd say "Akron", proudly.
Akron Ohio can be a nice city if it wanted to. The Akron public school are great for elementary and middle school because of the LeBron James foundation. When they get to high school it look like they don't care. The crime rate is high it always someone getting killed. You can walk around the neighborhood without seeing someone over dose. They keep Akron clean all the time and the water is great. Akron worries to much about the university instead of the kids they are going to public schools.
Depending on where you live in Akron, it is a great place to live. However, there are a lot of dilapidated areas and violence.
I like that Akron is convenient to stores and everybody is friendly for the most part. I went to public schools in Akron and I loved it. Everybody wants you to be involved so you won't get into any trouble. Akron made me who I am today and if I had grew up somewhere else I wouldn't be the same. What I would like to see change in Akron is more community events and more public speeches on how to keep Akron safe and on more assistance for to the homeless to get them off the streets.
Akron is an okay area to live in if you can't afford anywhere else. I have had numerous break in attempts and have witnessed several overdose on the streets. It is cheap living and a party area.
I lived here all of the 29 years I have been living, it has been an exceptional experience. I have had my days when I was ready to uproot and start over but this is all I know.
Akron is an upbeat area that consists of various cultures. There are many schools and colleges close to home and numerous restaurants to try. The people here are nice for the most part. Most of all, Akron is not as large as Cleveland and Columbus, but big enough to go on adventures in.
Akron, OH is a town searching for a new identity. In attempting to grow past its former life as the "Rubber Capital of the World," Akron is experiencing growth/ investment it hasn't seen in years. A new mayor, renewed interest in a revitalized Downtown, and strong neighborhoods give Akron new life and excitement. The public schools are in transition, though some are better than others. Nightlife is more exciting in the neighborhoods than Downtown, though there are bars and clubs appearing. Housing is affordable, and there are healthy options all over the place; a Whole Foods 365 is being built in the Wallhaven area and local business is in every neighborhood. It doesn't take long to get around, though the highways and roads are constantly under construction. There is a growing job market here, with plenty of start-ups to take advantage of, and the city is highly diverse. Overall, Akron is on the rise, and needs support to take it to the next level.
I was born in this city and now go to college in this city. They are continuing to make improvements by the day to the city landscape and the night life isn't bad. For the most the city is safe, there are a lot of police that patrol the city but there is usually a report of a robbery or shooting, etc. at least once a week.
I love Akron but I would like the safety to increase around the campus. The arts are expanding in Akron and they are trying to build up the downtown. I hope I see more things dedicated to the arts in the future.
I have lived in Akron since 2009 and every year its seems to continue to prosper. When I was younger I remember Akron as a quite city but it has turned around in the past decade with a wonderful night life and great food!
I love living in Akron. There are a lot of things to do, great restaurants, etc. I attend the University of Akron, which is a beautiful campus. There are lots of opportunities for all different kinds of career opportunities. Shopping is great too.
I have lived in Akron my whole life. Akron is the most beautiful city around. It's home to alot of famous people. What I love to see change is more jobs and and alot more things to do
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Akron is a small diverse city. It was known for the start of the Goodyear Tire Company back in the old days. Now, it is on the rise with new construction and a new outlook. The University of Akron brings in many college students and offers a variety of programs. Lebron James was a fellow resident of Akron and makes sure to give back to his community. The night life is very booming and the people offer so many different personalities. I love my city.
Akron is a relatively small city but it is good that way. You recognize the locals from the people visiting for work. Akron is huge into the local business's which is what keeps our city strong. I personally work at a local restaurant and let me say the food is always great! Akron is also such an artsy area with beautiful art and parks surrounding.
Akron Ohio is trying to become better than they have been viewed as in the past. But the truth is the city is ran down and has a huge heroin epidemic, that they can not get a hold on. I wish to see better for the city, but it is very hard to be optimistic.
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