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Akron is very good to live in. It isn't a big or small city. Public Schools are OK. Hospitals and Medical Centers here in Akron are very good and way above average than the other cities and states in America.
Akron is my home. I have lived here since birth, and it is a pretty safe and good place to grow up. My public education has been very good at the local schools that I went to, and I have benefited greatly from all the activities at my school. However, there are many areas where things are not so great. In some places the street is cracked and covered with potholes. In other places, the houses are pretty beat up. Another glaring issue in the area is the drug crisis that all of Northeast Ohio is dealing with. If you live in the right neighborhood, you will not be affected by this.
While it is very affordable to live here, there's only a few good schools in the area and there is not much to do and no real centers for entertainment. Overall, it's a good place to raise a kid, but not really a place that anyone stays in once they're by themselves.
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I love the scenery during Christmas time, and Lock 3 has a great ice rink. I enjoy the Art Museum and go there all the time with my dad. I wish there wasn't as many run-down buildings though in certain areas. I hope they clean that up soon and FINALLY finish the construction downtown by the hospital. I've been going to the same doctor for 17 years and every time we go down there we get lost because of the rerouting due to construction. It's ridiculous.
Good schools, hospitals, and job opportunities. Community support and development is on the rise; resurgence in downtown business ventures. Good AA ball team, impressive polymer development at University of Akron, home of Alcoholics Anonymous, great parks, great entertainment (Blossom Music), and home of Lebron James. Mentioning Lebron is significant because of his dedication to his home town and the academic resources he supplies to kids who might otherwise not get the chance to succeed. In addition, his reputation as a strong family man presents a positive role model and example of the benefits of strong family values.
I like living here. Everything is more affordable than other most other work. It's public schools are okay too. Overall, Akorn is a decent city for everything.
Like what others say, a pretty big part of Akron is a dangerous area kind of like Detroit, but some nice neighborhood is of course included.
I've lived in Akron for the past 12 years since I moved here to go to the University back in 2007. There are certain areas of Akron that are great, like Highland Square, Wallhaven, and the Northside district. Downtown is a little disappointing with nothing much to do. There are great places to eat around Akron but not a lot of variety.
I’ve recently moved back home to Akron after being gone since I was a child, theres a lot I remember, a lot i don’t, and a lot that has changed. Either way its nice to find a home here in Akron. With the university being in town theres lots of life and walkable shops and restaurants. This also makes housing affordable, and not to mention the entire city is basically an art district. Akrons a comfort place for the creative mind.
The City is different, it is a very large but small city. It has a lot of room and is a pretty populated place. I have enjoyed my time in Akron, it has a lot of places to eat and do fun activities. It is an overall great city.
Akron has many hospitals, many schools, many neighborhoods, and many people ready for the sewer project to be over. It's a city where you can raise a family, retire, and be comfortable...too comfortable that you forget to look beyond the trees and admire the forest.
Relocated to Akron from the West Coast for work. There are some nice things about the city: housing value is superb, commutes are short, and certain neighborhoods (West Akron) are very picturesque and pleasant to live in. Local parks everywhere, with great walking trails and green spaces. My biggest complaint about the area is that there are very few interesting amenities, and the ones that do exist are very spread out and in odd places (with the exception of microbreweries - these are on the rise in Akron, are centrally located, and are excellent). The area lacks a"beating heart" district for shopping, dining and people watching. Another complaint about Akron is the lack of diversity: there are only two colors (the colors of piano keys), and scarcely an Asian, Hispanic or Indian to be found. As a result, the selection of "ethnic" eateries and grocery stores is terrible compared to more thriving nearby cities like Columbus and Pittsburgh.
I've grown up in Akron, and really have a heart for this city - and you'll find that people that are from here and live here, they love it too. People in Akron are really passionate about Akron and the people of this city. It's definitely unique from other areas in Northeast Ohio. Plus - Lebron is from here!
For being a larger city, there are a lot of trees, grass, and nature parks around. Some neighbors can be fairly quiet for being in a larger city.
On the down side, there is usually a lot of construction and the roads in the winter are not always kept winterized very well.
I would like to see Akron change with the people, and not see as many people get injured from guns. I would also like to see Akron change with the amount of potholes, I want there to be less.
My experience with Akron is that it’s a very good place if you are just starting out on your own they have very good resources to help you.
Akron is currently changing and updating downtown. Growth and family orientation seems to be a priority. The crime rate is a little high and jobs are hard to come by. If the businesses keep coming in the jobs will too.
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I love the diversity that exists in Akron. You see all types of people from all over the world and there’s definitely a lot of cultural inclusiveness. However, I hate that our education system is very poor and that our bathroom stalls don’t even have doors. We have curtains instead. I would love to help out my community become better as a whole and strength our diversity.
I have lived in Akron my whole life, up until I went to college. The things that I like about Akron are the people, how I can experience all four seasons, and just considering it home, it's one place that I do miss from time to time when I am away.
The potholes are still horrible and the neighborhoods are okay. Akron is pretty small and is an okay place. You just have to be careful driving around or going around in general.
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