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Akron is the type of city you want to live in if you are looking for the city vibe but with the suburban feel. Think of Akron like Cleveland's nicer, cheaper, safer, cousin.
Akron, Ohio is like the underdog of cities. Good for us, everyone loves an underdog! Whether you're attending school at one of over 5 institutions, making a life for yourself with a young family, or beginning your journey as an entrepreneur, Akron is the place for you. We have a true, historic heritage, but we aren't stuck in the past. There are many local events surrounding the arts and culture as well as many amazing restrauants and conveniences!
We love Akron. It has culture, family values and great people. The parks and trails are a hidden gem.
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Akron area seems nice. There are many families living here where you'd except to only be certain types.
Small and very clean nice people everywhere you go food is great transportation is awesome jobs here arent to far
I love Akron, I think its a great area to live in. You're by everything or in the middle of everything. You're not that far from a ramp to get and off the highway, to Cleveland, Green, Tallmadge, Canton, etc. Everything is close by or 10-15 minutes away. For example, Target, BestBuy, Acme, Giant Eagle, Dunkin Donuts, fast food places, and many restaurants. I would not change the area, it's great the way it is.
Living in Akron all my life , I have wintnessed the level of crime and proverty increased. There are many factors that contribute to the increase. One being the lack of jobs, education that is unreachable and or the lack of motivation from individuals wanting a better life.
Akron growing up was a fun filled , safe and job filled community. There were opportunities for the youth and family events for the public. As I mentioned before, the increase of crime and safety issues have seem to be focused more than anything else.
In conclusion , the best part of Akron, is the fact that NBA super star LeBron James gives back to the community .
Akron is a very welcoming city with many diverse people and activities. Although Akron sometimes is talked about in a negative tone, I have had nothing but positive memories here and I am proud to call it home.
I have lived in Akron my entire life. The biggest problem with Akron is their public school system. Most of the parents open enroll their students to other school districts so that their children do not have to attend Akron Public.
wonderful restaurants, shops, and a beautiful sence of community. was born and raised here and I plan on living here till I retire!! I recommend it to everyone I meet.
I love the peace that I feel in my neighborhood. I lived in Cleveland, Ohio since 1979 and the violence and shootings have gotten out of control. I started feeling as if I was living in the wild wild west movies. I moved to Akron in June and I just love it. It feels like down south here. I was originally born in Laurel, Mississippi, and Akron reminds me a lot of Laurel. I am sure there is violence here also, but it is not like Cleveland. I don't hear gun shots at all different times of the day, and for that I am thankful. I am creating a new life here. I begin classes at the Akron School Of Practical Nursing located at 630 Mull Ave. Akron, Ohio 44313 on August 29, 2017. I am so excited
Grew up here. I do miss it from time to time. Crime seems to be worse now than when I was younger. All in all it is a great environment in the surrounding suburbs to raise kids
Akron is a little town in Ohio is is an awesome place to be where everybody knows everybody they have the best University's to attend, The best places to visit, and of coarse the best to eat so get here to Akron the town to be
Need better social support for disadvantaged persons, easier access to transportation to medical appointments.
I would like to see job growth. Just about every institution is Akron, Ohio is paying employees too much for their jobs. For example, the president of University of Akron makes over $100,000 dollars. Maintenance workers average salaries are $40,000 $60,000 dollars. But the irony is that students do not receive substantial scholarships to help them pay for tuition.
Akron is a great tradition small town. With alot of great people. Akron, is the hometown of Lebron James and we recognize greatness of all ages.
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I have lived in Akron, Ohio almost all of my life and I think it's an ok city. Not bad to raise a family and safe for the most part. Public schools could use a real overhaul. Some schools are no comparison to others, meaning they are not all on the same page. I choose to send my kids to private school and find that they are better off for it.

There are some nice activities sometimes for the kids. Children's hospital does a fun run, Akron Zoo will offer free or discounted admission occasionally. Then for adults they have and annual taste of Akron which is usually fun to go and sample food from local restaurants. There was also a recent wine and beer event but I felt the price was too high.
I like Akron, Ohio because they are doing a lot to improve the city. The commute is pretty good. I feel that the family oriented things are pretty cheap.
I like that you are able to get around the city easy. I would like to see the community to help the kids in the public school a lot more.
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