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It is a nice little tiny town. No noisy neighborhoods. There are also plenty of groceries stores around and streets are clean.
There is very little crime, we are a pretty safe area. We have lights that make noise for a blind lady so she knows when she can cross the street. We are very people oriented and we are safe.
The area in which I live is pretty good. My distant relatives all live in close proximity which is great. But at times it can get boring, there isn't much excitement. I don't really see my future being here, I hope to travel, but this is one of those hometowns that will welcome me with open arms or if I am caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and I need to relax, I would come back.
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There is not a lot of crime in the area, however there are people who do things that could cause more crime to come to the area. The police do not do anything about this until multiple people complain about them.
This town is a nice and quiet 'starter town' to raise a family in. It is not a place for people that need the hustle and bustle of the city, but if you like a quiet quaint town that is not well known this is the place for you.
The weather here is alright, not too hot, not too cold, although the amount of snow in the winter is ridiculous.
There's a few small businesses around that have pretty good food, and they can be pretty cheap. I'm not old enough to drink and I don't party so those questions are not relevant to me.
It's very hard to find a job if you have no experience, meaning that it's especially hard for high school and college students who haven't had the opportunity to collect years of experience to find work.
We are in land fairly far so any oceanic disaster is not a problem here. A weak tornado comes very rarely but there is many creeks which flood during a heavy rain. The winters vary from year to year but often it is not a big issue
There is a plethora of restaurants in the surrounding communities from mom and pop shops to chain restaurants. Any type of food you would like to eat is within 15-30 minutes of my location
While in school I have worked at several different places and all of which treat their employees with great respect. I believe that anyone looking for a job will find and be satisfied with one
Akron is a small town but it is near other towns such as Ephrata and Lititz. Shops and companies in Akron include Weiser's, a small grocery store with excellent fresh doughnuts, Royer's, a drug and gift store, as well as other small stores. We also have a small pizza/bar resturant and a road side barbeque trailer. Brewsters is the barbeque trailer has the best brisket and does catering as well. I have lived here for 16 years and love the town and all it has to offer.
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