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Wonderful place to raise kids. Low crime rate. Clean air comfortable houses. Roads are well taken care of.
Not much to do here. Most people my age can take the bus and hang out in the city or somewhere other than suffern itself.
this is a beautiful area
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there are no concerns-it is safe
everything is in close proximity.
typical northeast weather...cold winters/warm summers
it can be hard to find a job here.
The variety is not so good
There are mostly mom and pop stores here. I like that more than the bog chain stores.
The weather is average. It snows in winter and it's hot in summer.
We have a great variety of all those types of stores.
I've never had any trouble around here. I consider it pretty safe.
Plenty of arcades around but you have to travel to do anything exciting.
People go for walks all the time here and I go to the gym when possible.
I can get where I want to be without dying so it must be OK.
I don't really know much about it because I've only had one job.
I'm not that close with any of my neighbors but they seem nice.
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The air doesn't seem to be killing me and I have yet to grow a third arm.
I have no complaints about the atmosphere but I'm not really close with any of my neighbors.
I like my house. It's got a huge backyard. Too many dear though.
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