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I like Aiken's quaint and pleasant atmosphere with small town vibes but a nice mixture of modern and convenient, mixed with old and stoic. Its convenient location makes it convenient to get to many larger cities and close to the best beaches.
I just moved here with my mom. The city is pretty cool, but small, so there isn't much to do here. However, there are larger cities within an hour drive, that have fun activities. There is limited crime, and lots of great places to eat.
Aiken is, for the most part, a pretty quiet town. It's family friendly with a few parks, a movie theater, restaurants, and lots of department stores. Besides that, there's not much to it.
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A very beautiful place nice people, I love the scenery just couldn't stay there because its really nothing for people to do who like to go out, not just for nightlife but just events around town people can take place in for the younger generation.
The People are friendly and open. Although the town is small and sleepy, it quickly becomes a great place to relax. There is just as much to do here as any other small town, but with the added benefit of a pleasant downtown area.
I really love Aiken, SC I grew up here and it's a small town everyone knows everybody. I'm going to miss it.
Great downtown area with local shops, restaurants and farmers market. An outside shopping mall is also in the works on the south side. Crime seems to have worsened over the past few years tho unfortunately. Good thing is it seems to be designated to one area of town.
Aiken is a fun, safe community that offers something for everyone of all ages. It has a very laid back atmosphere and great restaurants! Aiken has one of the top rated colleges as well as a successful collegiate sports program.
I have lived in Aiken for 17 years. It is a somewhat small town with friendly residents. It was considered a "Horse" community but has since diversely developed into a large community.

There is not much to do during the hot weather. This is something that Aiken needs to look into. With many new families moving to this area they need both indoor and outdoor activities for kids.

There are very few sidewalks and even fewer street lights. This might be called the country but again, with new people coming to the area, the safety of all residents should be given a priority consideration by the city and county.

Another negative at the current time in Aiken is that there is only a few main roads through the city. I believe that they are working on this and trying to build new roads so that the residents have alternate access to different parts of Aiken other than Whiskey Road.

Overall it is a very friendly place to live.
I would like to see more businesses and restaurants on Northside of Aiken and more activities for the youth to get involved in on the Northside of town.
I love the fact that there is much culture, history, and engaging activities to immerse yourself into. The educational system here is excellent and there are many employment opportunities for a smaller area. There is a friendly and diverse mix of people here that provides a welcoming environment. This is a very safe area with lots of living options for homebuyers as well. Overall, I feel that Aiken is a wonderful and has something for just about family large or small!
Aiken,S.C. Is a beautiful town located on the border of Georgia. With Augusta,GA and Columbia,S.C. Both within driving distance (30-45 minutes), finding a job is the least of anyone's concerns.
Aiken offers a lot of programs for kids. They have a lot of events that everyone can participate in. It's not overcrowded. I would like to see more job opportunities available in Aiken, SC
Just like any other town we have day to day silly crimes like shop lifting or burglaries, but there aren't any crimes that are too serious.
Aiken, South Carolina is quaint little town on the border of Augusta, Georgia. It's known for its vast agriculture and equestrian life. Many people choose to retire in Aiken due to it's homey aurora and unique style of the town.
the crimes are really not that bad and the police are good with making it to the scene on time.
This place is great to start a family and business.
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It's worse than it used to be. More violence against cops. But they are very responsive and visible
WHen I first moved here it seemed like an old money horse town. Now, it seems like it's going downhill in the charm area
I live here because I go to school here. I like it okay, it's a great place to live. I prefer home better because it's where my family is.
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