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Just like any other town we have day to day silly crimes like shop lifting or burglaries, but there aren't any crimes that are too serious.
Aiken, South Carolina is quaint little town on the border of Augusta, Georgia. It's known for its vast agriculture and equestrian life. Many people choose to retire in Aiken due to it's homey aurora and unique style of the town.
the crimes are really not that bad and the police are good with making it to the scene on time.
This place is great to start a family and business.
It's worse than it used to be. More violence against cops. But they are very responsive and visible
WHen I first moved here it seemed like an old money horse town. Now, it seems like it's going downhill in the charm area
I live here because I go to school here. I like it okay, it's a great place to live. I prefer home better because it's where my family is.
Most houses are well taken care of and are occupied.
Everyone is very friendly in Aiken.
I feel very safe in Aiken.
This area is conveniently located and in a great school zone.
It's more of a retirement area, so there isn't much to do.
Aiken tends to have a lower variety of retail stores than other cities.
my overall experience has been amazing and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else
the visiting is really good, everyone is really friendly and nice
the weather here is really good, it is supposed to rain a lot but does not that much
the food and drink is really good around here. The restuarants are all resonable priced.
Employment is pretty good. I can probably find a job pretty quickly
The stores around are amazing. The quality is really good and the service is amaing.
It's not the best, but it could definitely be worse. Compared to other areas, this area is pretty good. I feel very safe and comfortable in most areas.
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