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I currently reside in Ahoskie. It's a small town where pretty much everyone knows each other. Tons of fast food places to eat but not much to do.
Young people who leave home to attend college rarely return to this area. The populace tends to be made up of minority poor, lesser educated blue collar workers, farmers, and retired elderly. Most people in the community have grown up locally. Outsiders are tolerated and treated politely, but it takes a long time for them to be fully accepted into the community.
Housing is inexpensive, but there are many homes that sit vacant for years waiting to be sold. This is due to elderly homeowners dying, and there not being many new people moving in to the area. Also, there are not many rental options available for middle class families. Most rentals are government subsidized housing for low income families.
I feel that this particular neighborhood is quiet and safe. I know that there are other locations in town that are not as safe and usually try to avoid them after dark.
Don't move here! You'll hate it & so would your kids!
A lot of people got their house broken into around here. Cops have yet to find the criminal.
This area is going to continue to see decline unless there is some improvement in the school system and some economic growth. To go to a mall or to see a movie, one has to travel more than an hour in any direction.
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