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Agoura Hills is a very small suburban town on the edge of Los Angeles County. The scenery is incredible and the location is perfect. Snow, beaches, and canyons are all just a short car ride away. Agoura Hills is a very mellow, small town with not many fun activities offered within the city itself. Overall, Agoura is a great family town with so many amazing views!
I love it here. Relatively quiet and laid back with easy access to any and all services, recreation, and entertainment you'd want. I like not locking the door every time I come home and letting the kids ride their kids around the block without a second thought.
I like that it is very safe for families and children, as people can walk around the neighborhood without worrying about being taken advantage of. There are many public parks and fields around for people to get active and play sports, and the school district in the area is very good.
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My favorite parts of Agoura Hills are the people. The local library staff are remarkably kind and enthusiastic and local store owners are always friendly and welcoming. The hiking trails are beautiful as well.
Great area to live in, a great place to grow up, and an overall fantastic experience! I have lived in Agoura for eighteen years, and I feel like I love every second living here!
Very nice community that is inclusive. It is a small town in the hills of California. Not much to do, but everyone is nice and the schools are great.
I grew up and went to school here. It is not perfect by any means by it is a community that comes together in a time of need.
Agoura is a wonderful community. Extremely safe and a wonderful place to grow up. Everyone is very nice and helpful. The properties are always well polished and clean.
Agoura Hills is a suburb of Los Angeles with a population of 20,736. Agoura Hills is in Los Angeles County and is one of the best places to live in California. Living in Agoura Hills offers residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Agoura Hills there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Residents of Agoura Hills tend to have moderate political views. The public schools in Agoura Hills are highly rated.
Very friendly people, wonderful parks, and beautiful hills nearby to hike in. The nature is very nice to behold and the area is very family friendly. I grew up in this area and hold it dear to my heart because of all the amazing memories that I was able to make here. The schools are really good in the area and there persists a feeling of community.
Agoura is a family community. We are all very supportive of each other and it is an amazing place to live. Agoura has so many recreation opportunities as well. We have a lot of events that bring the city together.
It is a great small community nestled in the hills outside Los Angeles. It is safe, has great schools, and is an excellent place to raise a family.
I am a teenager growing up in Agoura hills and I like it very much. I used to go to Mariposa (which I loved), and now I am going to Agoura High. Agoura High has some great opportunities such as the acclaimed International Baccalaureate program and plenty of sports, even competitive Improv! There are mountain views everywhere, great hiking spots and the houses and neighborhoods are very nice. In Old Agoura there are horses everywhere, and the community is friendly. A lot of things are in walking distance.
This is a great neighborhood conveniently located to the West of Los Angeles. The property values are extremely high, mostly due to the great schools.
I LOVE living here! This city is safe, easy to walk around and very clean. I wish the town didn't close at 8 every night BUT I also like that there's not a lot of outside traffic too. The schools are Blue Ribbon schools so no matter which ones you choose you win. This town's downside is it's very expensive. There's no way I could afford to buy a home but we are happy in our apartment.
I've lived in Agoura Hills my entire life and currently attend Agoura High School. I love it here! The area is really safe and family-friendly, there's easy beach access, and the environment around here is just gorgeous. Sometimes it can be difficult to find things to do at night, and oftentimes things you do find are somewhat expensive, at least for teenagers. Overall I'm really glad I was born and raised here in The Bubble!
Everyone here is so nice and the environment is relaxing and a great community to be in. Agoura Hills is wonderful for families! Houses are affordable out here, the food is great, and there are so many things to do.
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Great town to raise a family and good distance from Malibu and downtown LA. Good schools and safe neighborhoods.
Excellent place to raise a family. There are beautiful mountains, all the stores you could ask for and lovely parks. World class public school sustem. And you are only minutes from Malibu Beach. Shopping is excellent and the cost of living is a bit lower than Los Angeles.
Agoura Hills, California is such a unique place to live. Not only is it a safe environment for families and children, but the inhabitants of the city are so kind in general as well. The public school system is one of the best in the area, really preparing students for their bright futures ahead. Everything is so close together, making it easy and affordable to get around. I grew up in this city, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Agoura Hills is the perfect, family-friendly city for anyone looking for a safe and affordable option in California.
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