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A great place to start and raise a family. The public schools in the area are blue ribbon and offer a great education to up and coming youth. The city itself is about 25-35 minutes from LA, given no traffic. The city itself has several bars for nightlife, and the Canyon Club.
Agoura Hills is an amazing place not only to live but to raise a family. I grew up here and i have always felt a sense of community and acceptance. all my neighbors are very kind and treat you like family. If I had a choice of anywhere in the world to raise my kids i would pick Agoura Hills every time.
Agoura Hills is the ideal place to raise a family. The schools are top notch, the beach is a 15 minute drive, and you have multiple choices for entertainment within an hour in each direction. The cost of living is very high but worth it
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Agoura Hills is a quiet, secluded, well-off suburb. It is a nice area full of accommodations for animals. On the other hand, the quality of public transportation all but forces residents to get a car if they want an easy commute. There isn't much in the area in terms of entertainment and the area can be quite tone deaf to its minority demographics.
I think Agoura Hills is a great suburb of the area of Los Angeles. I grew up in Agoura Hills and had a lot of great times growing up. There is low crime and it seems to be an area with mostly middle to upper middle class people. I also enjoy that Malibu is about 15 minutes away. The schools in Agoura Hills are great and many of the kids seem more educated as a result. I hope to one day retire here in Agoura Hills
This city is safe and a great place to raise children. I'm luck to be here, so close to the city and the beach.
There is absolutely no crime in Agoura Hills, or at least any crime that would cause unrest or concerns.
Agoura Hills is an excellent place to settle down to ensure your kids receive the safest and highest of quality education in the area.
The crime scene in Agoura is very minimal. Very few crimes happen yearly here
The atmosphere in Agoura is very enjoyable. There is nothing to not like out here.
Love the community. Glad to live here
Not much crime aside from teenagers being teenagers
Beautiful area, great schools, but cost of living and home prices are very expensive.
Agoura Hills, CA is a wonderful place to be raised and it is also a wonderful place to raise a family. The public schools in the area are unmatchable, and it is an overall positive community for families. Cost of living here is generally expensive with the housing prices steadily rising over the past few years since the recession in 2008. There is a high demand by families to live here. For students it is ideal for going to Pepperdine University (15 minutes away), Northridge (25 Minutes Away), UCLA (40 minutes away) and USC (45 minutes- 1 Hour away) if commuting.
"Welcome to the Good Life" is what Agoura Hills' motto should be. Agoura is filled with rolling fields of golden grass, plenty of delicious places to eat, and people who care about their community. There are hundreds of hikes to explore, beaches to lie on, and LA is just an hour away (depending on traffic). You can feel safe taking your dog for a late night stroll or letting your kids play on the streets. Not everything is perfect in Agoura, some days are scorching hot and you never know what celebrity will be clogging up the grocery store. Nothing is perfect though, right? I would say Agoura was a great place to grow and explore, but now that I am 20, I'm ready for a new chapter. If I were to have children, Agoura would be a great place to raise them. However, the growing population of LA has begun to leak into the area and I fear that Agoura traffic and population levels are on the rise. People from all over the world have told me how quaint Agoura is, so if your looking for a chill, breezy place outside of LA, "welcome to the good life".
The weather where I live is fantastic. It is basically summer for all four seasons, and maybe a few days of rain.
There are not that many job opportunities where I live, because they are mostly jobs that you get when you first start working in high school.
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The quality of housing where I live is extremely great. Everyone I know is very content and happy with their housing, including me.
There are many mom-and-pop shops and also big companies, which provides a great variety of options to choose from.
There is not much crime where I live, so I feel extremely safe in my neighborhood.
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