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Great place to raise children. There are so many scheduled activities for the children and the schools are good. It is a tightknit community and I feel very much at home here.
I would like to see more places for the youth to hang out, but other than that it's a very great place to live. I absolutely love this town!
I grew up in Agawam. The town is super racist and was a pretty awful place to grow up in. I'm happy to have gotten out of there as an adult and will be raising my children in a nice area that isn't a northern segregation town with corrupt politicians and law enforcement.
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I was born and raised in Agawam until I moved out to Boston for college. However, I still spend my summers there when school let's out as my parents are still residents. My overall experience of the town is that it's a safe place to live, easy to get around, easily accessible to other towns and entertainment, but can get to be quite dull. It could be because of having lived in a big city for a time, but Agawam, while charming with it's small town vibe, lacks any real draw besides Six Flags during the summer and the Fright Fest in the Fall and the Big E held for a few months in the fall. Though, it will always be my home though and I'm grateful for the experiences it gave me.
It is a nice small city, it has it's problems but so does every city or town. I love how everyone can become a whole community and talk about the issues that need to be resolved.
I have lived in Agawam my entire life. This is a quiet, safe, small town. Although I don't know everyone in this town and we have more than one chain restaurants, I knew everyone I graduated with. Agawam is placed in a spot where I have a lot of resources, I have to drive 20 min to the mall, 2 min to the grocery store, and 10 min for a walk in clinic. I enjoy living in Agawam but I don't want to life here forever. Many believe Agawam is a great place to raise children, but it really isn't my style. I wasn't a big fan of the school system when I was it in but I didn't have an awful experience.
Agawam is a very pleasant city, and the people here are nice and friendly.
I will like for Agawam to have more local market in the area
Very quaint little town with lots of friendly characters. Not much to really do around here though besides the local theatre and visiting "the tank".
There is very low crime in our area of town!
I love living here. It is quiet and comfortable!
Agawam is a very safe town. It was rated, I believe, number eight in a list of top ten safest cities in the United States. I was very proud to hear that. However, the Agawam police have a reputation of being lazy and unreliable. I have heard stories of the police refusing to take reports of certain issues. When I contacted the police department in search of information I was ignored and never received a response. The police here have been under ethics investigations, and continually leave a bad taste in the mouths of residents.
Agawam has a balance of silence and bustle. It has the feel of a close-knit community normally found in a small town, but can also be very busy at times. This, to me, makes it a great place to live. Growing up I always thought I would move out of Agawam, however now that I have lived in another town for school, I have realized that I am most comfortable in Agawam, and have no plans of moving. The town is under development and I see great opportunity for my town in the future. One great example is Agawam's plans to use solar energy--keeping us current with modern technology!
There has been some theft in our town, but the police have assured us that they are trying their best to find out who is doing it. Other than that, the police response is very quick. They don't stop till the job gets done.
I love my town. Agawam is a quiet, clean and fun town that has a lot of good qualities to it. Having Six Flags in our town sometimes can be frustrating but it creates a lot of jobs for people of all ages and brings in business to the rest of the small town shops as well. We have a lot of little family owned and operated restaurants here, all with amazing food. The schools are very well organized and broken down which helps to cut back on bullying. The curriculum is very well balanced, which is hard to find in schools nowadays.
As far as I am concerned, there is crime in every area of the world. However, in the area I am from, there is hardly ever any crime. The town I live in is very safe. Some towns nearby are less safe than others. The police do a moderately good job as far as keeping the are safe and free of crime.
The area in which my family and I lives is great. The atmosphere is very peaceful and quiet. I would live here for the rest of my life if I was given the opportunity. Compared to the rest of the country, I would say that the area in which I live is moderately safe. Especially the town that I come from. In the future, I see the area staying the same if not better.
There a few unsafe buildings in the area. The buildings are finally being taken care of after many years. I think part of that reason is because teh mayor has had quite a bit of bad press lately.
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The mayor has been in office too long and is a jerk. Many businesses have closed. There are too many houses and residents but not enough jobs.
The police are responsive and present throughout.
I see the biggest change in education, evolving to us.
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