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I love living in this part of South County. Not much goes on around here. The people are nice, and I feel safe enough to be out at night alone when I get home from work.
I have had a great experience living in Affton because the STL County Police work hard to keep our streets free of criminals and crime. The people are mostly kind and generous.
I've grown up in Affton and attended their public school from kindergarten until fifth grade. The teachers were willing to help kid s learn and they were able to accomodate special needs children. The community has come together and works together with support and encouragement.
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Affton is in a good location for getting to just about anything within 20 minutes. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping, groceries, etc within a reasonable distance. I feel safe in my neighborhood, though there are some areas of Affton that appear more run down. It is good for families.
Nice small community with close ties to various churches, scouts and schools. Most people know their neighbors and enjoy the quiet of a small town neighborhood with the convenience of a big city close by.
Affton is a small primarily residential suburb of St. Louis on the south side of the city. It is close to shopping, is mostly safe, and generally a good area for children.
I love that it is really close to everything in St Louis for example down town but then again it is close to six flags which is the other directions too. I do not like the sound of the trains to all hours or the traffic though.
Affton is a small suburb right outside the city boundary of St. Louis. It is a wonderful place to live because it resembles a little town. It contains all the shops and restaurants that one would need but it also contains home of all sizes and materials. Everyone in Affton seem to always get along very well despite the many cultural diversities. Affton is a place where you can always run into someone you know either from a local store, church or getting to know them by walking on Grant's Trail. Affton is not fancy or known for having lots of money but it simple and is a place to call home because simply it is a place of respect and kindness to all people. This is a special place for not only myself and family but for many other families that I call my neighbor.
Not great, but also very little violence
It's not my neighborhood of preference , but it isn't terrible.
The school district has been rising in accreditation.
The weather constantly changes. One day it is snowing and two days later it is 60 degrees and sunny. Because I am used to the weather changing so frequently it does not change my daily routines.
There are a few bars and family restaurants nearby, however all are part of a chain. This neighborhood lacks unique businesses.
The businesses in my area are awesome. There is a good variety of types of business, big companies, privately owned businesses, and popular stores. All well maintained and have wonderful service.
Health facilities are accessible. I do not use workout facilities as I workout at home. I see people outside running or jogging occasionally...maybe once a week.
My neighborhood is family and pet friendly.
Most local businesses are average.
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Not a lot of good jobs available.
Food in this area is very low quality
There are many community parks in the area.
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