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We definitely have what you would call "Michigan weather." We can have all four seasons in a single day. We have all four seasons anyway, and they are all beautiful in their own way. Tornadoes only strike every few years; the real issue is blizzards during the winter, and sometimes storms in the summer. Bring clothing for the coldest cold and the hottest heat.
There aren't many big opportunities for those who are drawn to the arts, but most people are quite content with what they do.
People are generally very friendly. There is not a ton of diversity, but they are certainly open and accepting to minorities.
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I have always felt safe here. I would not recommend wandering the streets in town into the wee hours of the morning, because there are some dangerous characters, but the police are very good here.
It's not Chicago, but people don't move here for fancy, big-city living. They move here for nice houses and a small-town community. There are a fair amount of rather run-down homes, but there are more homes that are well-kept than not.
I personally am very active, and love to go out and run on country roads. There are certainly many people like me in my community; however, we do have our fair share of obese people. People do smoke and do drugs, but I have not really been exposed to these people, so it's definitely avoidable.
The small Midwest town of Adrian, Michigan has been a great place to grow up, and I would never pick another place. It's friendly and safe, and a great place to raise kids.
You can definitely get everything you need here. There are a lot of private businesses that are excellent, and big-name stores like Meijer and Lowe's do their jobs well.
The Croswell Opera House is always a huge draw, due to its historical value as the oldest continuously-operating theater in Michigan and its excellent shows. We do have a mall, though it has declined in quality over the years. We have many beautiful parks and one small art museum.
As far as I can tell, ambulances and fire engines respond quickly and efficiently. Local laws are fair, and not having a political bent, I could not tell you very much about local officials.
There are a lot of private restaurants in town that are quite delicious -- El Chapulin, Sauce, and The Governor Croswell Tea Room, to name a few. It's not really a party or clubbing town.
People who live here tend to stay for a long time, and most people know each other. We are proud of our community theater, the Croswell Opera House, which is the oldest continuously-operating theater in Michigan, and it puts on excellent shows. We are home to Adrian College, and many people are avid supporters of the Adrian Maples. Pets love it here.
Pretty much everyone drives around here. In town, it is safe for pedestrians to walk without a problem, and there are several bike paths and a lot of country roads. There isn't really "public transportation" -- the town is too small to need it.
airport, train busses within 60 miles
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