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Adrian is small, and there is not much to do besides seeing businesses downtown or going to the theater. There is a section of town that is very run down, and it makes the whole scene look depressing. The three college campuses in town are nice, and it's also nice to walk in the nice neighborhoods.
I have lived in Adrian y whole life. It is a nice place to live and there are many things you can do.
Many places to eat and shop. Also great scenery to take pictures of along with a small town to drive around.
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Adrian is not the best community. the town is full of drug addicts and drunks and you hear about meth explosions and Over doses frequently. even though adrian is in the most technical sense a college town there is nothing to do and all of the students go to the surrounding towns in order to hang out with friends or to go shopping. the mall is closed down and the only entertainment is the skating ring which is only open sometimes and the cinema. no one usually stays here for long
I would like to see the amount of safety in my town increase. Drug rates seem to be very high and I would like that to go down. Other than that, there are many places for young people like me to get jobs.
Lived in Adrian my entire life so far. Honestly it has gone down hill recently. Shopping in the area needs to improve. As of lately, down town has improved. It has three different colleges.
Adrian City is an up and coming town with plenty of places to eat and shop. The diversity is very good, however there are some spots not family friendly. This town does not have much of a night life either.
It has a nice selection of restaurants, but not a ton of things to do like a big city would. Some buildings are getting demolished and turned into other things. It's alright.
The people are very nice and there are lots of small businesses here that you can go shopping at. There at least three high schools and at least three colleges in Adrian. If you stop by I recommend the Spotted Cow for ice cream.
I moved here for college. As a young person, there's absolutely nothing to do here. There's a movie theater and a club but that's about it. There aren't a lot of job opportunities in town but it's a reasonable commute to Ann Arbor and is a fraction of the cost to leave here.
Not much happens in Adrian save for the occasional festival. There are undercurrents of illegal drug abuse running about, but outside of that, it's an alright town.
love living here great school system and always something to do here in Adrian. Lots of fun restaurants to eat at and there are many little places to explore and discover
I really like the town of Adrian. I attend Siena Heights University here and have been able to see many different part of Adrian as well as volunteer in the community.
Little rough around the edges and everything seems to be closing down, but it is a nice little town.
I like that it's small and quiet. There's not a lot of traffic usually and it's easy to maneuver around town.
Adrian is a very nice community that has a great city life. The culture of the town is very engaging and many activities are held to form closer community.
It's not a bad place to live. There are a ton of schooling options within twenty miles, and the price of gas is usually fairly low. Madison High School in particular seems to truly prepare their students for college and get them ready for life in the real world. Besides feeling slightly unsafe in certain neighborhoods, Adrian is a pretty nice place.
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Adrian is a small city. Everything is close together. Within walking distance if on a nice day. The safety of the town seems to be going downhill. More drugs moving in, more crime.
Adrian is a small town, where everyone knows each other. It's a nice place to grow up in because of the positive impact among most people living there.
Lots of crime in Adrian and drug use. Adrian officials need to crack down. Nothing to do in Adrian--no children's activities to speak of and no good job opportunities. Rentals are high priced and run by slum lords. Have to go out of town for a good shopping experience.
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