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I love how all of the people here have been so friendly. The only thing I would change would be some changes to getting around in terms of people who have disabilities.
I would like to see more things to do in the city of Adrian, the town itself is pretty mediocre and doesn't have much to do with friends or family.
Adrian is where I attended college there wasn't really a night life. It also wasn't really a diverse area.
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Adrian is a small town located in Lenawee County, Michigan. Even though Adrian is not a big city/town compared to Detroit, it is still a very awesome town. Shopping centers are located very close to the city center that way it won't take 30 minutes to get to Walmart. There is also many local restaurants that are very good. Overall, Adrian is an awesome small city!
Adrian has excellent opportunities for families of all ages and backgrounds. There are two colleges located in Adrian, a few pre-school/K-12 and ways for people to earn their GED or certificates.
I like Adrian because it is a small town, but not everyone knows your business. I like Adrian because it's a very good community and supporting community.
There are some great restaurants to checkout, shopping choices for all, and some great spots to take the kids.
Adrian is a wonderful city and community to be apart of! Everywhere you go, others are always uplifting.
Adrian is a small city in southern Michigan that hosts two private colleges, Adrian College and Sienna Heights University. Adrian has many restaurants right in town and also a movie theater. However, other than that, there is not much to do in town. Adrian is about 45 minutes from both Ann Arbor, MI and Toledo, OH which are both large cities with plenty of entertainment opportunities.
Adrian was a great place to grow up. I lived in a small neighborhood in the Historic District. As I got older I wanted to move away, come to find out I am still here. Many things have changed but overall it is becoming a town that is growing on me. Adrian is starting to get bigger and better. I enjoy living in a small town but still have things to do.
We are a small, everybody-knows-your name. kind of town. There is not much to do for entertainment. The schools need improvement on just about every area.
Not having a lot of crimes around here so it's pretty safe area.
Pretty nice area and environment is actually nice.
In my neighborhood alone there have been two shootings and numerous altercations between my neighbors in the year and a half that I have resided here. I am fearful to be outside and concerned when I must leave my adult special needs son home alone. It is unsafe to be out alone after dark. As a single female I try to never leave my home after dark.
Many factory closings, availability of jobs and resources limited, crime rates rising. Was once a prosperous farming community with many factory job opportunities, these days economy is depressed and programs are limited.
A lot of drug crimes and abandon buildings in some areas of the town.
The school system isn't the best and it keeps getting worse. Also there is a lot of drug crimes in the area.
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Depending on where you go, you will find yourself surrounded by small estates sitting on acres of gated property, but you may find yourself on a road of old colonial houses built rather closely together. They are not spectacular, however they are not in disrepair. Most of Adrian's houses are in good standing.
The community focuses of education and businesses. Since Adrian was once a town with several factories that have closed, there is a strong community working together to create more jobs and build on each others' successes through community programmes and events.
Crime is rare in my town and rarely are the police seen in any unsafe or intense situations. The police force is seen as a force for good and are welcomed warmly by most citizens. I feel safe to walk around my town at night and find that Adrian is a place for all kinds of people.
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