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Nice quiet town. I never had any trouble with anyone here. Fireworks are legal here so on the 4th of July, I get to watch a show form all the neighbors. I love the public parks too.
I visit Adelanto multiple times a year to see family and I think that it is a wonderful small town, it's not as much on the quiet side as others may think. The only downside may be that going up or down "the hill" has a lot of traffic. Overall a fantastic place to live.
My experience living in Adelanto has been pretty good, I say to myself. I will say that some people are friendly, especially the people who work in stores. However I would like to see some grass where there is desert areas , along with some apartment being fixed up.
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The Neighborhood is nice, very lively. The parks are always nice and I really enjoy the new dog park!
Adelanto is a great town with great diversity and even though I still may be young I feel that this small town has a lot to change. As a High school Junior I hear about fights and sometimes violence outside of school, which I believe should be resolved with tighter patrols or encouraging citizens to report any violence to police. Luckily the mayor, Rich Kurr, has approved the construction of more shops nearer to residential areas because the usual commute to a store from where I live is about 5 minutes max 2 1/2 minutes minimum. Overall this city is a great place to raise a family and to live peacefully even when the weather feels like it will melt you or when it will turn you into a human popsicle.
The beauty of Adelanto is that it is a small town. You are not constantly in traffic like you are in major cities. It is a typically quiet town, but it is also growing at a fast rate. The price for housing is extremely affordable compared to most of California. What I want to see for the future of Adelanto is that they continue to develop the city. By adding new markets, restaurants, and other buildings, it will lessen the commute for others. Also, it will create more jobs for this rapidly growing town.
I love the desert its beautiful and warm even on the worst day the sun is shining and the people are friendly, its a growing town and I love it maybe you will too.
i experienced peace and serenity. Though a small city people co-exist peacefully and they value family more than anything. they are friendly and associate well even with visitors
Its a quite place but the bad thing is there is nothing to do here. You need to drive to drive down the hill (San Bernardino or LA) to be able to find something fun to do.
Adelanto has affordable living and a new and nice shopping center. I've lived in Adelanto since 1993 and have seen it grow and develop into a nice city. I've personally never experienced any crime in the area and could live in this community forever.
Adelanto is somewhat of a diverse community. Before moving to adelanto it is known to be consider the ghetto. My personal opinion is the area can be somewhat humble. I keep to myself and have not encountered any incidents. I always go by watch the company you keep it tends to become you.
I live in the old Adelanto CA. It is an isolated area, but very affordable, and the housing conditions are nice. There are many nice places to look at while out there. One place to stop at is the Buddhist temple, it is a place of learning. One must also drive out too Mojave’s Regional Park, where one can fish, swim, play, barbecue, and just relax. Although there are many good areas, everything is far apart. In that isolated area I live in is called old Adelanto, currently everything is being built in new Adelanto. This needs to change.
the weather is not the best, when its summer its over 100 and when its cold its super windy it will actually blow down trees. very little rain, its pretty far from everything but its not that bad.
There isn't too much crime that I have known of, but the crimes that are committed are typically pretty serious.
It is a nice place to be in as a student because other college students are close, but it is usually very busy since it is close to downtown.
Police cars are quite active at all times.
I enjoy summer days at the park with the family.
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Ive been in this area 1.5 weeks and it's OK. Lots of neighborhood stores and library. The major shopping is about 3 miles away.
its California worst you will get is an earthquake.
I am currently unemployed and all my family works in other cities.
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