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In this small neighborhood everyone knows everyone. It is very safe and if something happens word travels quick. Police aren't around often but when we need them they come quickly. I have no concerns other than some ding-dong ditchers but kids will be kids! It could be worse.
The general atmosphere in this area is quiet. Living in a residential area there is rarely any traffic. My dad alway wanted to move to this area when he was younger and I can see why. I would not choose to live here again only because I live a more upbeat lifestyle and there isn't much happening in this area. Growing up it is safe for children and seems to be a great place when retiring because it is close to other cities and is quiet. The future of this area I dont see changing much which isn't a bad thing!
Bensenville is an alright area. It's about 10 minutes to O'Hare airport but the downside of it being close to the airport is there is always construction going causing a lot of delays and traffic. There is not enough places you can go and not a lot of business.
Review Addison Township
Not much crime in this area.
If you like natural disasters don't expect much here.
A decent amount of variety of restaurant and foodin the area.
A lot of jobs available mostly for the younger crowd.
Everything is up to date
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