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Addison is a great small town and very quiet which is great for families. There is a diverse mix of ethnicities, lots of restaurants, shopping, and social hotspots. It also has a great community center with a gym and an indoor pool as well as a brand new library. Traffic is very light and Addison is not too spread out.
Addison is a small suburb of Chicago, IL. Park districts have interesting and fun programs for children and adults. There are many local restaurants with every type of food from italian to chineese to mexican. Everyone can find something fun for themselves to do such golf, mini golf, pool, library. Local shops and very fun community with music in the park in the summer every thursday.
Addison is a great community to be a part of! They have great school with hard working teachers! They also have a beautiful library with wonderful staff!
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This town is good but there a parts of the town where you have to watch out for, but all towns are like that. I lived here my whole life and I like it.
Addison is a village located west of the Chicago Metropolitan Area, in DuPage County, Illinois, United States. The population was 36,942.Addison is a lovely town with many wonderful people. I haven't ever had any issues there.
I have lived in Addison for a year as I absolutely love it simply because it is central to everything (malls, family, etc)
Good area. Pretty quiet and family friendly. Some areas are considered to be part of the Elmhurst School District, which is great as well.
Police drive around the bigger streets usually. I don't see them often in the smaller streets. Usually takes a few minutes to respond to a situation next to them but overall not that bad. Around my neighborhood not much crime but I know there are some areas that are less safe.
There are certain sections of town that are less safe than others. If I could do it all over again, I would. It's not my ideal place, but it does have most things that i need. They just need to upgrade a few areas in town.
In my neighborhood, there is not a lot of crime. When there is crime, the police are quick to respond. The police make an effort to have a positive relationship with the public.
Some businesses are leaving and not very many are moving in. Not a lot of big food options.
Addison is a great place to live. Nothing happens and there is no crime.
I liked to live here, Addison is a nice suburb and it's really safe. There are many things to do and there is a lot of nature.
There is generally no crime in this neighborhood police answer at a great rate.
The apartment complexes most of them need good ownership overall. Most houses are a great place to live because it is safe and comfortable to be in.
The quality of housing is hard to describe in my area because there are areas with some of the nicest houses I've seen in my town and surrounding towns, but there are also areas with some very run down looking apartment complexes. Overall I feel the nice housing areas outnumber the bad housing areas greatly. inside and out, from the homes I have been in, there is always a homey feel. Even if it is the homes of people I would consider strangers. In my entire life living here, I have only ever seen enough abandoned properties to count on one hand. I have seen vacant properties, but they usually fill quickly. I would consider my area of town one of the best to live in as far as housing goes, along with any other category.
The sense of community is very strong in my area. The time the community really comes together most tends to be centered around high school or youth sports programs. most people are familiar with everyone around them and feel as they are a real part of something, rather than just participating in it. In the terrible event that someone is in need financially because of cancer, disease, or any other condition that puts them in a critical state, the community never hesitates to rally around them and support like their own family. It is very rare for people to be moving in and out of the area. Everyone seems to be pretty settled in here without much plan to leave.
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The thing about my town is that there is somewhat of a good side of town and another side of town that is a bit riskier to be around, primarily at night. Addison is a very big town. I spend 95% of my time on my side of town, which is an area where I never have to be concerned about crime or my own safety day or night. There are crimes, but there will always be some crime wherever you go, and it is no different than your average suburban community. The police really do take care of this town like their own. They are very concerned for all people in the community. They have a strong presence in our elementary, middle, and high schools, so I have grown up to come to know many of the police officers in my town and always feel that they have my back and will be there whenever i am in trouble. Not once have I ever seen someone be mistreated by the police.
It is hard for me to compare where I live to other places because it is the only home neighborhood and town I have ever known. However, I have always loved and been proud of where I live. I have many fond memories of things that happened all over my town. Some of these memories could even just be wondering the streets with my friends when I was younger. Honestly, I don't know if I would choose to live here again because I love where I live, but I feel as if the only real reason I have such a connection to this place is because of the people I grew up around in this community. It always pleases me to see the young neighborhood kids riding around on their bike, playing football, playing baseball, etc. It gives me a great feeling that these kids are taking advantages of their surroundings and the kids around them in school to make great memories as I did when I was a kid.
This area is very quiet which can be peaceful at times but it can also get pretty boring. We have nearby stores but there are very few activities to do for fun. The roads are bad shape and ignored by the village.
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