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Although there is not much criminal activity in this area, when something does happen, the police are fairly slow at responding and are sometimes ineffective and difficult to deal with. The visibility of police in this area is very low. I am concerned with this area's ability to stay safe with the lack of police activity.
This town is very small and is a very welcoming farming community. I would absolutely choose to live here again if I could do it all over. In comparison to the rest of the country, this area is not very diverse however, most of the people who live here get along well with the rest of the community. I see many years of prosperous farming and community work in this area's future.
I feel like the police are not around all the time but they are often enough for me to know that I am safe.
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The general atmosphere of our area is a happy feel. I feel safe where I live and I know that the people around me care about me and my family.
everywhere has people of all lifestyles so that means each person has different views and issues with health
unsafe abandoned building often tagged with graffiti
Given that the area I live in is a farm community the land and air pollutants are kept to a minimum
I live in a small, rural community and it can take a frighteningly long time for EMTs to arrive after an accident or medical emergency. The only time a cop can be seen in the area is a home basketball games and the occasional locker search. I understand it is a small town but it cannot go so neglected.
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