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Just like living anywhere, it is what you make of it. I will note, though, that Logansport's appearance and devotion to landscaping/park space has increased in recent years.
I understand my rankings about seem disconcerted with the "It's great" ranking. I know that the city provides the opportunity to exercise. We have a YMCA, a yoga place or two, and a few gyms. Perhaps I'm just being too hard on the average citizen, but it seems many probably do not exercise! I was a member of the YMCA my freshman year of high school, but didn't keep it up because it was a drive and took time. I do believe quite a few citizens take advantage of these institutions, however, because they seem to be doing well.
I find it easy to walk around Logan. Of course, it's not highly populated so the traffic is more than manageable generally. But there are crosswalks and sidewalks and stop lights and "walk" lights along the more major streets (Broadway and Market). There are even trails and bike paths in certain areas. Parkign availability could be somewhat improved. There isn't a lot of public transportation about (such as an abundance of taxis or buses - it's a smallish city), but there are definite options for the disabled, meaning public transit vans.
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I rank this as "It's okay," because there is great variety in Logansport. There are beautiful and large houses along high street, yet there are "dumps" around the south end of town. Though the fault sometimes lies with the structure or the age of a house or appartment building, often the crux is how well a citizen takes care of his living space. I do see some vacant or abandoned properties that would probably be best to tear down. However, I would not begrudge the city for focusing it's attention, time, and funds elsewhere.
I feel comfortable in the stores in Logan - I feel in my element and that I will be able to purchase almost everything I need. As far as grocieries and markets the city does pretty well. As far as youth stores such that one would find in a mall we are clearly lacking. Our mall died years ago. We do however have a super Walmart and a strip "mall" that contains a Buffalo Wild Wings, a Maurices, a pet shop, and a Great Clips. There are mom-and-pop shops and also specialty shops such as the Villiage Peddler. Our restaurants include many of the popular chains: two McDonald's, three Subways, a Burgar King... But not all. No Fazolli's or Wendy's. We have two "Mr. Happy Burger" restaurants which add to the history and quaintness of the city.
I would have to say that I'm speaking from my own experiences. Although I am grateful to my community college for everything it has enabled me to do, I did encounter some individuals who may have shed a poor light on our community. So my exposure is not balanced. However, having lived in the area for 20 years I will say that Logansport citizens are not regarded as highly professional or sophisticated in general. We are generally hard working from my impression, but not as much with some of the younger generation.
I do not have significant experience in this area as I live on the west edge of Logansport ("in the country"). I do believe that the crime rate and police prevalence in Logansport is either on par or slightly more positive than like cities.
As far as I am aware the public services in Logansport Indiana are professional and prompt. The local laws are reasonable and what construction and landscaping that has been done is for the purpose of safety or improving the economy.
Loganport is known for its history. It's an old town. I believe it just celebrated it's 175th birthday. The biggest local events are probably the 4-H County Fair and annual jazz festival in the summer. Popular things to do are to go bowling or to the movies. The Mary Max Theater just opened up, following a Super Walmart that was build within the last 3 years. Our Broadway street that runs east to west is quite attractive with jewelry, antique, botique, adn food shops. There are several bars on the south side. Logansport is small without large or popular attractions.
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