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Adams is a great town to have a family in. Its super safe and the schools nearby are amazing. Its a small town, with a surrounding countryside that has many opportunities for snowmobiling, fourwheeling, and other outdoor activities. It is close to Syracuse too if you feel the urge to go into a city.
Adams is a close knit and positive community. There is not a lot of diversity, however, the people are kind and trustworthy. I would like to see more businesses thrive. It's a great place to raise my family.
Wish the public bus would come into my town. $40 to take taxi to nearest "city".
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Love the area. Love the people. Hate the mice that come with the corn fields getting set for planting.
Great during the spring, summer, and fall. Awful during the winter.
Not many that are not mass producing burgers and sandwiches.
Small towns that are made up of people that have been there for generations are a great place to raise your kids and there is definitely a sense of community; however, they store owners are more likely to higher kids that they are more familiar with.
Small town living. Not much of a variety of anything. Normal things that are seen in Every Town America. McDonald's Subway, gas stations, Dollar General, Family Dollar.
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