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Lovely small town. Everybody knows everybody. A lot of housing. Getting new elementary school in 2018. The people in our community are very caring, loving and come together her to help the less fortunate in our community.
Growth will eventually come to Adairsville. I see it happening slowly now. Growth will bring about a better "night life," more diversity in the population, and job growth.
Adairsville is a small quiet town. I would recommend this town for a family just starting out because it is family oriented and crime rates are low. It is in the middle of calhoun rome and cartersville, which are great towns to find jobs in.
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Adairsville is a small town in Bartow County about 45 min north of Atlanta. Adairsville is a quaint town w/ a population of roughly 6,000. In the past 5 years, Adairsville has improved enormously economically. There are tons of job opportunities in the area as well as many restaurants to visit. There is also a nice park in the area that is improving with time. The residents here are the stereotypical southerners. Extremely nice & laid back is one way to put it. Southern Hospitality is expected here. Another aspect that never goes unnoticed is safety. The local police department has several officers who patrol the town at all hours making it very safe. The schools in the county are always working to improve. Most schools within the county have been recently renewed to have a nice place of education for the adolescent community & are always taking steps to better the activity base for the adolescents to participate in making it an extremely family friendly area.
I love Adairsville. The city is quiet. the Police are active in the community. The community comes together to support the local schools and the students.
Adairsville, Georgia may be a small town, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have an impact on anyone. When anyone is in Adairsville, they can see all the families and see how much of a connected environment it is. Adairsville's community is all connected and together. The people love each other and get along and show love to others. Many people should visit because it will open their eyes to see how great of a town Adairsville is.
Police officers are very friendly and always doing a great job ! They know me from the place I work.
I've lived here a great amount of my life and I love it and the people in the community
Their seems to be no crime and the children get to play outside without fear.
The general atmosphere of Adairsville, Ga is calm and quite.
Adairsville and the neighboring towns have great camps, parks, and nature trails. I personally live within walking distance of the park. I've known the park my whole life. It doubles as a ball park and family orientated park. The rec has their baseball games there and my two brothers have been apart of it for going on thirteen years. The other half of the park has a playground for children, a pond for the fishermans, and a running trail for any one trying to get in shape.
Georgia weather can never make up her mind. In February, one week temperatures were up in the 70 degrees. The very next week it dropped to almost single digits and snowed for three days. People just never know what the weather will do. Generally speaking, the weather is nice and fair once you get by winter. It has snowed twice in five years. Tornadoes have touched down about three times in six years. Some areas around us get it pretty bad.
Adairsville is pretty basic. No night club near us. Most of the party-goers just go straight to Atlanta which is roughly an hour away. I have heard there are some closer but they are still a good bit away. The fanciest restaurant in town is Cracker Barrel. If we want something like Longhorns or Chili's we have to go to a neighboring city. We do have the essentials such as Taco Bell and McDonalds
The overall job opportunity is rather small. We have fast food and grocery stores. Most of the towns people do handy work such as construction. My dad has done construction for twenty years. My mom does retail at a furniture store but she commutes about twenty minutes to work. Most teenagers work at fast food joints such as McDonald while they are in high school
The biggest shop in town is the Food Lion grocery store, nut the busiest is by far the Dollar General. I have spent nearly the last year working there. Adairsville is a very small town and the nearest Walmart is about 20-30 minutes from us. Dollar General and Adairsville have a very unique bond. There is about 10 of us who work at the Dollar General and we all have a relationship with most of our customers. They constantly refer to Dollar General as the Walmart of Adairsville. It is true, however, being a Dollar General we do not have as many products as a typical Walmart, but we do have all the groceries the towns people could possibly need.
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