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There isn't much crime to talk about. It's a pretty safe place to live. But when there is something wrong the police/fire department/ ambulance is there. If it's something bigger, surrounding towns police/fire department will come.
It's a nice place for a family to live. Especially those who have a family history in the area. It's not so nice for a single man/woman. It's a small town with many families ranging from single parents to extended. It mainly consists of elderly and children. Everything is within walking distance. The town does not provide any transportation, you must have tiur own car. Unless you are traveling into town (Fargo, ND) then they provide a bus which is mostly used by the elderly. The bus is not accessible 24/7.
There aren't really any negatives of this area. All houses are well kept for the most part and there aren't many abandoned properties, although there are some vacant houses.
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There is a strong sense of community, everyone knows everyone. Most people have been living there long term and when new people move in they stay. Many even most have pets mostly dogs that are all friendly and trained well. The dogs get along with each other and there is never loud dogs barking through the night. Going outside during the night there is no fear, you can always feel safe. Overal I am thankful for this area because it is a tight nit coummunity that is safe.
I said this area is okay because I don't have anything else to compare it to. Although I wouldn't trade all the memories I have created growing up here. I have had a great experience growing up I my neighborhood, making friends, playing backyard games, camping out in our backyard. In the future I believe the younger kids will go through a lot of the same experiences that I did. Hopefully they get a chance to make life long friends like I did. I will never forget all the good times I had growing up here,and I look forward to making many more memories.
It's a great small town to be a part of. The people there are really nice and friendly. The only bad part about it is there aren't an abundance of things to do there. They have a movie theatre, a few restaurants, and a community center, but other than that there's not much. However, it is in a great location, being only a short drive to Fargo or Grand Forks.
like i said before when don't have much in ada
we dont have a lot of places to eat out you would have to drive 20 or 40 mins to eat out some where good
that they could be a little nicer when new people are in town
we have a good hospital and clinic it;s very clean and they are so nice to you and care what you have to say when you vist it for a check up
there are some trails out of town and for someone like me who loves the outdoors it's great to walk or take the dogs for a run
that they need to have more jobs and places to work at
that spacing wise could be a little better
that some pople need to be more kind to each other when someone new moves into town
the roads could have some work done to them
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