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Great place to be. Closest enough to the city to enjoy what Atlanta has to offer, yet rural enough to have a great yard. All kinds of shopping, dining and entertainment.
Acworth Ga is a very peaceful but southern city. We have a very low crime rate and the schools in the area is outstanding. I really love the environment and wouldn't change anything about Acworth, Ga the Cherokee county side.
Acworth is a beautiful place to live! Great school systems, affordable housing market, and just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta.
Very nice neighborhood, great boutiques and shopping areas. Lots of history in downtown acworth. Acworth beach is a great summer attraction.
Acworth is a nice family-friendly town with great schools. There are a lot of shopping places and stores including multiple Walmart, Kroger, and publix stores. Towne Center is always close by.
It is a calm Suburban city. Usually for most business you need to travel to other surrounding cities, but your basics can be found. Amazing for outdoor activities!
I have resided in Acworth, GA for about 3 years. Its a very moderate little city with a little country and city twist to it. Its about 40 miles from Atlanta, GA just far enough to get away from the big city, but close enough to visit for fun and activities. Acworth is a family oriented town, lots of parks, churches and restuarants for eating and activities for the entire family, including the dog. There is about to be a Marta Rail System completed just in time for the new Falcons Stadium being built, which is located in Marietta less than 10 miles away. That should wake things up for sure!
Acworth is a wonderful and friendly town. I would not have wanted to grow up anywhere else. The schools are great and full of amazing teachers who love what they are doing. Acworth is perfect for raising families and gaining friends that you will for the rest of your life. The best part about Acworth is being right near Lake Allaotoona and RedTop Mountain, where I have made the greatest memories of my life with my family and friends.
Acworth is a beautiful, family-oriented suburb of Atlanta. Locally owned restaurants, boutiques, and southern charm makes the historic downtown area the perfect place to spend the afternoon. There's always something fun to do with family and friends, from spending a summer day on Lake Allatoona to attending festivals and parades year-round. I love driving through town; hilly roads and fields of pine trees provide the "back woods" feel, even to the modern, newly developed areas of the city.
Acworth is a great family friendly area, I've had a wonderful experience growing up around here. It's a really safe area and it is slowly but surely growing from a simple suburb into a more populated town with many amenities.
I love acworth! I have lived here for almost 13 years now and it has been nothing short of wonderful. Everyone is so nice and the area is so clean. It's a great place to start a family because there are so many family-friendly activities around. The schools are amazing as well. All of the public schools are just as good and if not better than the private schools. It's a great place to be!
We live in the sunny south yet we also get a tiny bit of fall and a very short winter. The people are nice but like anywhere these days, you have to be watchful. Crime is everywhere. We live in a relatively safe neighborhood. Traffic is bad...too many people, not enough roads. Education is good...& communities are diverse
I lived there for about two years and had to get out. The area is growing but still rough in a lot of areas. Not a place I would want to raise children.
Acworth is a very quiet and safe suburb of Atlanta. There is a lot of population growth as of late with more middle to upper middle class families. The schools are top rated in the state and many options are available to educate children. There are a lot of parks and other outdoor things to do with families.
Acworth is a great place to live. It's like being placed right in the best places of the South; with it's Southern charm, friendly local twang and tons of farmer markets/flea markets/art festivals. There's always something to do- whether it's bar hopping with friends, going canoeing across the beautiful Lake Allatoona or going hiking through the historical Kennesaw Mountains within a 20 minute drive. There's something for everyone is beautiful city.
I have never had an issue in the fifteen years that we have lived in this area. I know crime is always a part of any area, I just have not experienced it.
When we moved in there were not many houses for rent in the neighborhood. The number of rentals has increased dramatically.
It's ok. That's all I can say.
Not much to do here to be honest, but it's pretty chill.
There is not much crime.
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