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Well, I have lived in Acworth for 14 years now, and honestly, it is not that bad of a city. Yes, it is small, but there are a lot of cute shops and things of the sort to go to in downtown Acworth, as well as a family friendly beach which my mother and baby sister go to almost every weekend! It's nice and quiet, if you're into that sort of lifestyle, and I've never met anyone from here that was inherently mean. I like it here, and I'll always have a sweet spot for it in my heart, even as I leave for college!
Acworth is a busy and fast-paste town. Most people are kind, although there are others who are not as kind.
This is a nice area to live in and the schools are disciplined. There a re nice homes in the area, affordable apartments in the area and they are family friendly as well. Everything you need is within reach. There are some jobs but not many.
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While close to larger Metro areas, it still maintains a lower key environment. Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of commuter traffic.
Acworth is a picture perfect small town. However, in the recent years, it has expanded population wise while remaining the same area wise. This poses problems such as traffic and commute time. There are however many amazing options in town for dining and entertainment. And, if there are no other options, the bustling cities of Atlanta and Buckhead are only short commutes away.
Very safe and friendly place to live. Quite neighboorhoods. A diverse community and people are often out going. Have one of the best school systems in the state of Georgia. Crime rates are very low and rare. Great place to raise a family or start one.
Acworth is a small suburban town that is growing everyday. We got so many fun activities to partake in. We very close to lake Allatoona . We can get on the boat and sale down the lake or go hiking around the mountains. No matter the age there is something for everyone.
Very laid back and quiet. Somewhat of a rural area. No public transportation available. Nice homes but not as affordable as they were in the past. Schools are decent, overall not a bad place to live
Love living in Acworth! It is a wonderful city to live in. Quiet, Safe, Good Education system. Its a great place to grow up as i have for 20 years now. I have graduated college and have entered graduate school. I am looking to move back to acworth after graduate school and settle down and start a family.
I like the town, there isn't a whole lot of crime. The county schools are fairly nice compared to others and people are generally friendly. It is a pretty clean town with nicer homes in most areas. The lakes near acworth are always a big attraction. It is near many other towns such as kennesaw and marietta.
I love Acworth! I was born and raised here! It has everything I need and it's close by! If you're looking for a great place to go in Acworth try Acworth beach it's beautiful and fun for the whole family.
I've been in the Acworth area for 6 years. Since my early years in high school and even after if has been home. The community is one I've never seen before. Everyone know everyone and is willing to help in any way hey can. There is a sense of togetherness and love. Events and parties are thrown frequently to bring new and old members together.
I like being far enough away from Atlanta to avoid the heavy traffic and being close to great parks for hiking. The downfall is...there are no good burger joints or great restaurants in close proximity.
This is a very family-friendly place to live. Community is amazing and very clean. The people who live here are extremely nice.
Acworth is a great suburb. The population is just right for the area and it's kept well cleaned. We have all the necessities of daily life and are only a short drive away from bigger cities.
Good place to live and raise a family great restaurants also not to far from Atlanta. l've been working in Acworth for 3 years a great community from schools to people to environment. What I love about the most has to be the people you get some of everything from Russian to Brazilian. Not really the place for a nightlife but I'm not really in to the nightlife all together but if you are there are some good spots bull frogs is great music and drinks. Overall I give Acworth 5 stars great community
I live and work in the area and have for quiet some time. It is a great area with great people. But be warned that the farther out in Bartow County Acworth can have some shady people.
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This is where I live. In my area, it is safe, clean and pretty. I feel safe in my area. And have only positive things to say.
Really friendly area with great recreational parks and neighborly feel. Acworth is a really great place for families.
Acworth, Georgia has a small city feel but access to big city living. The community is well developed with southern charm the area is known for. Atlanta is twenty minutes away and layered with diversity. When I want the appeal of a big city I am simply a drive away. That works when I prefer the quiet and close relationshipsecond of community.
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