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Acushnet is a beautiful town where they grow apples and peaches and pumpkins and have much wooded area. The sprawling homes are very inviting.
Acushnet is a small town on the southcoast of Massachusetts. Approximately 50 minutes to Providence RI and 80 minutes to Boston MA. It is possible to commute to the city for work but it will be stricken with lots of time wasted and traffic. The town doesn't have a high school so you have a choice of three from the surrounding areas. The town is mostly white and there is nothing to do here past 7 pm except stay home. Overall it is comparable to many other small towns in my area.
There is little to no crime in our town. Our officers are always on stand by and rush when they are called. Most of our police force help other nearby towns, due to the fact we don't have much crime.
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This area is becoming more open to new ideas and changes, more people in this area are learning to be more accepting of people from different backgrounds. The community is also very safe and community based, everyone knows everyone and we are all like a giant family and support one another.
There is very little crime in my town. The police are very readily responsive.
I live in a small town and attend a small high school in a neighboring town. Although I enjoy the serenity of my town I am only an hour away from Boston and Providence which provide me with venues for athletic games and cultural experiences.
There is little to no crime that takes place where I live. If the police are called they respond rather quickly. Police officers are often posted at the local park as a precaution to keep the area safe.
I love living in the Acushnet/ Fairhaven area because of how small the towns are. I see people I know no matter where I go and everyone is very friendly. There is not much to do in this little town besides a couple festivals in the Summer and early fall, but it is just a ten minute drive to either Dartmouth or New Bedford which are smaller cites that have plenty to do. Also, I love living so close to the ocean. It is only a fifteen minute drive to many small beaches and about a twenty to twenty-five minute drive to some of the larger, more popular beaches. I do not think this town will change very much in the future besides maybe some more small businesses opening and some new houses being built. I would absolutely come back to live in this town again.
Some crimes occur such as burglary or vandalism but most people would consider the town safer than most. Surrounding cities have a lot of drugs and crime.
The area has many successful small and local businesses and opportunity for more. The town has recently opened a nice nature reserve and has been working on improving the condition of the river and local parks in recent years. The value of some homes seems to be decreasing slightly due to more population and crime moving in, but over all a safe and quiet area.
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