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Absecon is a quaint town, but very little to offer for nightlife alternatives and recreational activities.
Absecon is a beautiful little town. You can go down Faunts Landing road and drop your boat off the dock, fish or crab there. During the 4th of July it is an amazing spot to watch all the fireworks from Atlantic City. It is also a beautiful place to watch the sunset/sunrise. It is a very safe place to live and raise children. I love my little quiet, quaint, serene town of Absecon.
The crime in this area is ridiculous there are way too many crime being committed and not enough people being punished for them. The police need to improve in keeping the crime rate down.
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This area made me who I am I'd only change the job rate.
Housing in my town varies. There are houses, town houses, apartments, and hotels. The houses range from mansion-sized to one bedroom. Absecon is divided by a highway. The nicer houses are on the north side town, and the smaller houses, apartments and hotel residencies are on the south side. The only crime in Absecon is on the south side. There are not many vacant houses, only occasionally.
My town is pretty small, about 8,000 people total. The people are very cliquey and rude if you are not in their group. The people who live here the longest are the people who grew up here, usually their parents grew up here along with their parents. Most people have pets. There are parades for certain holidays and community fairs twice a year.
My side of town is safe, on the other side of town there is a lot of crime like prostitution and stealing. Police are usually on the scene relatively quickly. I would like street lights on my street, but there are none.
Low employment rates, high crime rates
There are a TON of hospitals, doctors offices, ect. around and a bunch of gyms. There's also a lot of drug use, but it doesn't really seem like any more than anywhere else.
They never seem to fix problems and there doesn't really seem to be any care of the citizen.
I'm not too involved in the community myself so I can't really say. There aren't really strays or any serious problems that I'm aware of.
I don't really use public transportation, but I see buses and taxis everywhere. Parking is free almost everywhere, and there's usually a lot of spaces.
AC is down the road, so there are a lot of beaches around, but some are really dirty. The Pinelands are close to, which is nice. There aren't too many meadows or mountains close. There are quite a few nice lakes in the area as well/
Areas around AC are nicer than AC itself
our neighborhood is pretty nice, no crimes we have experienced since 2011 personally
we get all 4 seasons
not bad, lots of chains
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Not too bad, there is variety in jobs in healthcare
lots of big box/chain stores
In Absecon, crime isn't bad. It;s the surrounding areas (Pleasantville, AC) where it's bad.
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