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There have been a lot of break-ins recently and a lot of people walking the streets with a gun drawn.
There is a major drug problem in the city and it seems like it's getting worse because there have been more and more deaths from drugs. It also seems as though there aren't enough jobs in the community or those jobs are all fast food paying minimum wage.
The restaurants in this area are plentiful and great. On the east side some local favorites are Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Yamato, Applebee's, and O'charley's. The east side has several local restaurants such as Little Sheba's, Zini's, Roscoe's Coffee Bar, Joe's Pizza, and Thai Thara. In this area nightlife is great if you want to have a coffee date with some friends, have dinner with your family, or chill all night in a bar.
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It depends on who it is that's looking for a job. Being a high school senior, finding a job is not the easiest.
Weather in the mid-west can be quite crazy at times, but overall the weather is great. However opinions may vary from person to person. The winters are usually very cold and bitter and there is usually quite a bit of snow as well as ice. During the spring, it is rainy and usually warm. Summers are hot, at times humid, and very sunny. Fall is cool and crisp with beautiful foliage.
Local business in the historical down town area are thriving. The streets are lined with fun restaurants/bars, cozy coffee shops, and fancy boutiques.
Depending on the area of the city, ratings may vary. The south side of town tends to be the high-cost and well-maintained area. While the east and parts of the west side are generally cheaper and run-down. There is also more vacant houses in those areas.
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