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I've been living in Abington practically my whole life. The people are nice and quiet, always friendly, and neighbors look out for each other. You feel safe in the atmosphere when you walk outside.
There is plenty to do if you're willing to put the time into finding them. There are things to do in Glenside and center city Philadelphia is only 30 minutes away by train and the King of Prussia Mall is an hour on the turnpike. If you like to shop but dont want to go far, the Willow Grove Park Mall is always right there as well. There are parks and the like around but be warned, there is absolutely no movie theater in Abington. The closest normal movie theater is in Warrington and the closest movie tavern is in Flourtown.
A great place to raise a family and easy access to Philadelphia. However, the commute back from Philadelphia can be 45-60 minutes.
Review Abington Township
A true suburb in relation to house size and close proximity. Easy access to train to Philadelphia and shopping. Traffic is typical and easy to walk to the necessities like the supermarket.
Abington Township is a great community in Suburban Philadelphia. It is a great place to raise a family. The school district is highly regarded.
Lived here for over ten years and have always felt comfort while in Abington. A friendly and diverse neighborhood and also has the best of both worlds as far as little local shops or go to the Willow Grove mall and shop! Also has great schools! If community is important to you then choose Abington!
Violent crime is rare, and people generally feel safe in their homes. I'm not sure if perhaps minorities feel harassed by the police sometimes. There is some drug activity. But for me and my family we have never had a problem.
I've lived in Abington essentially all my life, and am raising my family here. That's not uncommon, and I think it says a lot.
Not much crime here. Police are there when you need them.
It is a nice and quiet area. However, people here are not very friendly and I would prefer to live elsewhere. I think the area ill continue to grow since it is a nice area with good schools.
The Police are always available, and respond rather quickly to any incident, no matter the circumstances. If there is an automobile accident, they arrive within a few minutes of the call to keep things moving, as they are always posted at different locations. They are a visible presence, which is probably why the crime rate is quite low. I personally have no concerns, but seeing as there will always be crime, I'm thankful to have such an effective police force.
Living here has been a beneficial experience, as it was the perfect place to grow up and develop my own prerogative. I would consider it better than most places in the country, as the school system is fantastic, the people are usually friendly, and there is a strong sense of community overall that I don't think exists in a lot of townships across the country. I see Abington being on the rise, as more young families come to live here, bringing with them the best the future has to offer.
If you need ANYTHING they are there.
The school district is very good as well as the community itself. There was is a lot of things to do and people to meet. Definitely family oriented.
I feel completely safe and secure in my neighborhood. I am totally comfortable venturing around my neighborhood alone at all hours of the day/night and feel protected at all times. Minimal crimes have occurred near me and most of the residents who live in my neighborhood are friendly, law-abiding citizens who are respectful of the property of others. The police are efficient and quickly responsive if their services are ever needed. Police cars frequently visit my neighborhood and are spotted a couple times a week.
Police aren't always visible, crimes are rare.
My area is family related with a safe atmosphere.
Review Abington Township
No vacant lots or abandoned properties. Great family area. Close to expensive, high end housing, but generally affordable and great quality.
Tends to be very quiet with little neighbor interaction. Neighbors are generally very kind though.
The area is generally very safe! Only one incident of attempted, unarmed robbery late at night.
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