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I have lived in Abington all my life. Two of my kids have graduated from my high school. There is so much to be thankful for here: Lots of trees and gardens. A diversity of neighborhoods and housing for people of all income levels. Very good schools. Good churches. We take walks at night and never fear for our safety.
I moved to Abington when I was 5, and still live here at the age of 25. Living here for 20 years has allowed me to see a lot of what Abington has to offer for people of all ages. For kids, the school district is great, plenty of playgrounds, tons of sports teams, many kids. For teenagers, there are a lot of parks that have basketball nets, soccer and baseball fields, etc. Teenagers have many options for clubs they could join, jobs they can get, and places to volunteer. As an adult, I still love having all of those parks such as Alvethorpe, but I also love going to Lorimer for its hiking trail. Abington has many things to offer but I've always been grateful for the gyms, the mall, YMCA, the bar scenes, restaurants, all of the scenic routes, etc. Abington has been great to me over the past 20 years and I think it would be the same for anyone else. If I had to change anything about Abington, I would say fix up the high school.
Abington, is a great place to live. It's a very quiet neighborhood. It is filled with malls, great places to eat and parks.
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So many things to do and see around the area. It was also very clean and welcoming. Being from Syracuse NY, there really is not a lot of opportunity to grow and establish a career in my generation. Going to visit different places to see what they offer was incredible. Especially in Abington
This little town has it all, it has great parks everywhere, friendly people and everything is close together. also there are a lot of new buildings being built.
Its a very diverse neighborhood which I love. Schools are excellent I actually graduated from Abington so I came back and had both my children attend.
Abington is a wonderful place to live in. The beautiful scenery everywhere around you and the loving people that surround you is just amazing. Abinton Township is truely a lovely place to live. The schools are great, the kids are friendly, the spirt of everyone around you is glowing.
Up and down the road 611 there are many small shops as well as department store chains, pubs and restaurants. Willow Grove Mall is close by and is situated next to Jenkintown and Glenside with great charm. Abington Hospital is also close by.
Small, quaint town. Plenty of attractions and shops, only 45 minutes away from Philadelphia. Rarely any crime or theft, police are very polite and respectable.
I've been living in Abington practically my whole life. The people are nice and quiet, always friendly, and neighbors look out for each other. You feel safe in the atmosphere when you walk outside.
There is plenty to do if you're willing to put the time into finding them. There are things to do in Glenside and center city Philadelphia is only 30 minutes away by train and the King of Prussia Mall is an hour on the turnpike. If you like to shop but dont want to go far, the Willow Grove Park Mall is always right there as well. There are parks and the like around but be warned, there is absolutely no movie theater in Abington. The closest normal movie theater is in Warrington and the closest movie tavern is in Flourtown.
A great place to raise a family and easy access to Philadelphia. However, the commute back from Philadelphia can be 45-60 minutes.
A true suburb in relation to house size and close proximity. Easy access to train to Philadelphia and shopping. Traffic is typical and easy to walk to the necessities like the supermarket.
Abington Township is a great community in Suburban Philadelphia. It is a great place to raise a family. The school district is highly regarded.
Lived here for over ten years and have always felt comfort while in Abington. A friendly and diverse neighborhood and also has the best of both worlds as far as little local shops or go to the Willow Grove mall and shop! Also has great schools! If community is important to you then choose Abington!
Violent crime is rare, and people generally feel safe in their homes. I'm not sure if perhaps minorities feel harassed by the police sometimes. There is some drug activity. But for me and my family we have never had a problem.
I've lived in Abington essentially all my life, and am raising my family here. That's not uncommon, and I think it says a lot.
Review Abington Township
Not much crime here. Police are there when you need them.
It is a nice and quiet area. However, people here are not very friendly and I would prefer to live elsewhere. I think the area ill continue to grow since it is a nice area with good schools.
The Police are always available, and respond rather quickly to any incident, no matter the circumstances. If there is an automobile accident, they arrive within a few minutes of the call to keep things moving, as they are always posted at different locations. They are a visible presence, which is probably why the crime rate is quite low. I personally have no concerns, but seeing as there will always be crime, I'm thankful to have such an effective police force.
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