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34 reviews
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Abington is a quaint town in the suburbs of Boston. Looking to get away from the noise of the city but still accessible this is a beautiful spot.
Abington is a really small, tight-knit community where everyone knows what's going on around town. Our schools are improving (building a new middle/high school in the coming year) and so are our town programs and community. Overall, Abington is great place to live
We have an accredited police department, which is incredibly rare in Massachusetts; only a handful of departments are accredited in Massachusetts.
Definitely has a hometown feel, close community, school and educational systems are getting better, job opportunities are limited and there are many neighborhood parks along with a family oriented Island Grove for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, the drug epidemic is just as bad as everywhere else. However the town has taken steps to get the community involved and make them aware.
It's diverse depending on the part of town
I love it because everyone if there for you and you don't even have to ask for it
The main road sidewalks are great but turn on a side street and you risk twisting an ankle
When I moved here I was twelve and hated it but growing up here I made great friends and so did my parents! My friends in surrounding towns went down the wrong path when they got addicted to herion and I am now going to be attending nursing school! I couldn't imagine my life not moving here! 9/10 only because nothing can be perfect.
The police presence is strong— perhaps overwhelming. Cops are around every corner monitoring drivers while they should be focused on the growing drug epidemic.
This small town has overcome a great deal of adversity but in tough times everyone in the community rally around each other and make living here special.
There is not too much crime in the area however in neighboring towns such as Brockton there is a high crime rate. I am not sure how the safety is in the area.
It is surrounded by both upscale and downscale towns and cities. It is not the best because it is next to rock land and brockton, however it is also near better towns such as hingham and hanover. There is not much going on for entertainment and good food. wThe school system is alright it is not the best but not the worst however they are working on rebuilding the high school.
Nothing terrible really goes on. The police are very responsive.
Very small town but full of life. Great place to raise kids.
I love the neighborhood and the space that you get. It is definitely typical to have a large lawn/driveway with decent room between neighbors.
Overall, things are great. However, money might not always be used in the best way possible, and there are some extremely bad pot holes that seem to never get taken care of.
In my small town, there is no crime at all. If anything even remotely interesting happens, though, we hear about it right away.
It's New England weather. We have very hot summers and very cold winters. Still, we don't have to worry about natural disasters.
There are countless great restaurants to go to, especially with the city of Boston so close by. However, you'd definitely have to go closer to the city for any clubbing.
If you're a high schooler looking for a job, they're fairly easy to find. There are also many great companies within reasonable commutes for anyone looking for a larger salary or real career options.
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