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Abingdon, VA is a beautiful, classy, historic, friendly, and compassionate town. The town is beautiful, offers wonderful restaurants, and plenty of exciting outdoor opportunities. The residents of Abingdon are very friendly and are supportive of historical preservation. The town is also a tourist stop due to its historic nature, which I love! Abingdon should be a stop for anyone traveling near mile marker 14 on interstate 81!
Abingdon is a great place to live. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. We are a historical town so there is a lot of history here to explore.
I wouldn't really change much except to stop allowing big business to destroy our Oasis.
I enjoy the quiet life that Abingdon has to offer. Everyone is pleasant. Abingdon has a very diverse community; everyone that lives in Abingdon comes from different backgrounds, such as artsy, country, and city living. I enjoy going to the festivals hosted by the Town of Abingdon. It really is one of the best places to live.
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Abingdon is a medium sized town in Virginia, approximately 17 miles from the Tennessee state border. There are quite a few high-end restaurants along with the Barter Theater, the Martha Washington Inn and sits on the Appalachian Trail. Most of the houses in the downtown area are older with Historic backgrounds. There are a few factory jobs that are located outside of the city limits, most of the jobs in town are either retail or restaurant. The cost of living in Abingdon is high due to a double tax (city and county). The cost of buying a house in Abingdon is out of reach for most young people. The town is quite safe and does offer decent schools and outdoor activities. There are only 3 places in town that offers live music and food after 10 pm on the weekends. This is a good town to retire in.
I love this sweet little historic town. It is beautiful here. I have lived here for two years and I would like to stay in this area. Not much to do as far as clubs or anything. Very quiet and safe. Nice historical sites.
Abingdon is a safe, quiet town with a good amount of historical significance. For younger people, this town is not very interesting because there is not much to do. Most of the things to do in this town are for tourists.
Abingdon is a beautiful place to visit and an even better place to live. It is full of history and the landscape is hard to beat. Bustling little shops run by sweet and humble people fill its main street.
Abingdon has a lot of historical sites including the Barter Theater and other buildings or statues. It has many places to dine at and it has just opened up a super Walmart. It would be nice to open up a few places for nightlife activities to be enjoyed not only by the young adults but also by the adults.
Abingdon Virginia is a great family friendly small town. Almost everyone is friendly and the schools are great. I have previously been a resident here and currently work for a company in Abingdon.
Abingdon is an adorable, little town! Main street is full of historic buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. There is a farmer's market every Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning full of local vendors. Also, on Thursday nights during the summer, there are small bands that come to play shows. There are food trucks and vendors, along with craft beer there as well! The Virginia Creeper Trail runs right though the middle of town and you can ride your bike, walk, or jog on the old train railroad trail. There are Civil War reenactments and colonial reenactments as well. It has wonderful and delicious restaurants, like the Tavern and Luke's Cafe. Also, many people come from all over the world to attend a play at the Barter Theatre. Across the street from the theatre, there is the Martha Washington Inn. There are some many shops all along Main Street, also. Abingdon is surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains and they are gorgeous. Abingdon is the perfect town!
Growing up here has been something that I never fully appreciated until I left. It was then that I realized that I grew up in the best small town the US has to offer. I have learned so many things from living in Abingdon, and I would love to end up moving back and raising a family of my own here.
I just wish the people here weren't full of themselves.
They try their best to keep it on the minimum side, people just won't learn.
I've said before we are a small town and as years go by things change so a few business have had to move or shut down but it's not long after that another business comes in to fill the space some way.
I never have to worry about walking by myself on the streets. I can take night strolls down main street and feel safe.
I really enjoy living in such a historic town. I love that we have the Barter Theatre, it adds so much culture and tourists to our beautiful town.
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