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Indiana doesn't have as much to offer as many other states. I wish things were cheaper especially for college students. Trying to find an affordable apartment to live in or getting accepted for scholarships is hard. I am seeing more restaurants opening in this area but none that are extraordinary. People are for the most part nice, some are rude. I believe that you will have that mostly everywhere though. I wouldn't choose to live here again because I've lived in northwest Indiana almost my whole life. I want to travel and explore. I know this world has so much to offer me. I just wish the economy was better and the cost of things were somewhat affordable.
There are a lot of jobs in the area, but not a whole lot of career opportunities
We have both mom and pop stores and large corporations. It allows for a lot of variety and it seems like there is always something for everyone.
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There aren't really any bars in the area excerpt at Buffalo Wild Wings. But the town does have cute little successful restaurants downtown like margaritas and the silver spoon. We also have bigger name brand restaurants like chipotle and panera. There's a lot of fast food in the area.
Ok I'm 18 I don't pay taxes nor do I know how they even work. My parents pay taxes but I couldn't understand if I tried. I'll probably start paying them after college.
It's a small town and people try to make it exciting, but it doesn't always work. They have downtown movies and new restaurants once in a whole to liven things up. But it's boring the majority of the time. The closest mall is 25 minutes away along with the beach. And the movies aren't really close to where anyone in the town lives.
There aren't a lot of gyms or variety of exercise places in the town. There a YMCA and a cardinal fitness and that about it. The people that work at the Y don't seem too friendly and I don't think you can work at cardinal fitness without having a membership and I don't want to pay for one if I don't go everyday.
There's a lot of mom and pop stores in the downtown area. They are widely accepting and comfortable. There aren't a lot of big companies besides target and Walmart. There's a lot of variety in the town.
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