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A nice place for local shopping. Safe and full of friendly people. Aberdeen is a location for people of all ages.
There may be an incident every know and then but it is quite calm
When I was a child it was pretty bad , in the urban parts of Southern Pines but it has improved substantially.
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It's nothing to do here except eat out and go to movies. If you have a lot of money you can play golf.
There are more things for older people, teens are left bored.
There are probably about 6 or 7 different gyms in our area.
The weather is relatively neutral, which is why so many people move here.
One of my favorite restaurants here is Susa Sushi.
This area is blooming with job opportunities. Although many people around here won't lessen themselves to work certain jobs.
The businesses around the Pinehurst area are great. This area as well as in Southern pines is filled with small, family owned shops. These shops might be a tad expensive to the average shopper, but the typical citizen of Pinehurst, as well as the tourists are willing to pay these higher prices.
I plan to move within the next 5 years and only reason I plan to come back it too see family
No buses, but taxis are somewhat easy to get, if you have a car or live in a downtown area it makes it a lot easier on life
One day it's nice and 85 outside the next day it's 53 and rain!
Hospitals is one of the worst paying hospitals in the State of North Carolina

Part-Time work everywhere, never full time and it is hard to get benefits where you do decide to work
This area is okay, the population of this area has grown so much in the past 5 years it becomes very difficult to get around. I remember when I was growing up it was always a small town feel, but now it is more of a city environment
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