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There are some vacant areas and some extravagant neighborhoods. The cost of living here are reasonable and it's neither the best place nor the worst place to live.
There is a very old and antique movie theater in my area. The people who run the movie theater do not get paid. Everyone who constructs it are all volunteers, causing it to make a positive impact in the town and the community. People from all over come to watch movies, simply because this type of action isn't very common.
I think the crime rate is average. I don't think my town is 100 percent safe, but I don't really know what happens in the neighborhoods I haven't been to.
In Aberdeen, MS, I see it growing. It is a growing process. Despite the many negativities affecting the area (Businesses closing down, individuals moving away, etc) it is still growing. It has potential to become something great, and I hope the best for my area.
The weather effects us in different ways here
There is only a Mcdonald , Wendys , and Sonic
there are no jobs here
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