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It's a small town that often gets misjudged. The school and teacher that my daughter attend are wonderful.
Aberdeen is a small town in which an Army Post: Aberdeen Proving Grounds is the heart of the economy. It a family friendly town amble restaurants and shopping, but no night life. However, Baltimore is 40 minutes away, and Philadelphia is about 1 hour away for entertainment.
Small town supported by military base. Perfectly centered and located between D.C and Philadelphia. Lots of places to go and see, close to beaches.
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Many associate Aberdeen with the location of Aberdeen Proving Ground, or as the hometown of Cal Ripken Jr. Overall, these assumptions are not wrong, as there are few noteworthy attractions within the city.
People are friendly. Military friendly. Diverse. Met really great people. Very nice neighborhoods.
I like my neighborhood. It is conveniently located by a shopping center, a library, and route 95. The police station and fire station are a short distance away, and the local hospital is less than 10 minutes away. I have both a Wawa, and a Chick-Fil-a within 3 minutes from my house, so I am a happy camper. All in all, I like I it here.
I don't really feel as though my life is in danger
Everything can get better which is why i think it is okay.
Police are friendly and quick responsive. Not too much crime activity in the area, so emergency vehicles not seen much. There is a major highway, so ems does respond to those wrecks mostly.
It is nicely diverse with great scenery. Great place for outdoors and the people are friendly. Many people from all over come to this area. Some to raise their children, some are military, mostly its a safe healthy environment. The schools are great, not much crime. It's a place where growth is slow but steady.
There is alot of crime in certain parts of the neighborhood
There is a lot of illegal activi type going on but its not always visible. there is always a cop car around when i drive around.
The area is okay to live in but there is not much to do.
i would have to say that the side of aberdeen where i live is the best area you may not think it by looking at it but it is
it is okay because there are so so many companies here and there are the buses.
i say its bad because there not a lot of small stores in the neighborhood. compared to a of the big stores in the neighborhood it scares all of the local stores
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