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Aberdeen is not an attractive area until you get to know it. It has a problem with thieves and drug addicts, yes. But it also has a rather impressive art community, there are several performance theaters, and live music can be found any night of the week. The college is also really great. You'll meet great people and the professors are always there to support you and help you succeed.
Love my quite town, it's real nice browsing up around here so close to nature. You sure grow up different around here.
Small town feel. Aberdeen is slowly growing and still trying to find its main source of income. The only downside is a high homeless population that gets dumped off here by other major cities..
I think as far as crimes go, its sorta decreasing. The amount of homeless at times seems a lot during the summer time, however, since Pokemon Go came out, the homeless and transients are being seen mainly during daylight hours, not so much in the evening anymore since many folks playing pokemon are out and about and my theory is because its on the phones and its perceived that they are taking photos, which some do, and many homeless don't particularly enjoy their photo taken drunk or high. Police have been pretty quicker lately to respond to calls, and their presence has been a little more lately since the Pokemon Go folks are out, which feels much safer.
I really enjoy living in a smallish town of 28K people. Not always a lot of foot traffic in the winter fall times. Summer is busy with tourist. Summer they fill the downtown with potted flowers and although the weather isn't always very predictable, but its nice here very much so. New people are moving here weekly who have an income or seeking jobs or going to school. One of the better places I have lived in the last 10 years. I would definitely choose to live here again if I had the choice.
It's just like everywhere you go. It's just here you see it more often than not.
There's lots of rude people coming and going but the ones who stay are awesome!
With the drug and alcohol problems we have and them being homeless they ask people for money and scare people not only that the cops don't stop them from asking people for money or try and get then help. Cops are out quit often but would rather pull people over then help the less unfortunate.
If we could just help the mentally ill and get help for the drugs and alcohol it would make Aberdeen alot better I would stay here if those couple things could get managed better. There is good to Aberdeen, the beauty of Lake Quinault, beaches, mountains. The other good thing is things are cheaper here then they are any where else and it's a small community so the roads aren't always packed full of cars and the stores are always packed but still enough room to move.
Drugs are a huge part of this town and the police do nothing to stop it!
We're a poor town/county with little employment options for both young people in schools and adults trying to make a career.
We're a small town/county with little money. We have nice things here and there but for the most part, it's mediocre at best. As far as shopping (not including groceries) We have a mediocre Wal-Mart and that's about it.
the weather is pretty great,if you love the rain this is the place for you and it also has all four seasons
small community for a small town,recycling is great here
the average transportation but there is no airport
it okay,if you are an adult wanting to settle down after your kids are gone but if you are a kid or teen i would say its the best place for you
local business is so great because it being a small town
some part are great for tour but other are kinda of boring and no spirit
mostly here it is average,some people are healthy and others are not
really good food and average fast food ,lots of sea food
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