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Abbotts Creek Township Reviews

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Crime is not a big problem in the area.
This area is a cute and small enough but it is still close enough to stores, restaurants, and other towns to be convenient.
Within this area the school system is decent; however, I think something should be done about the influx of student to teacher ratio. Most students aren't able to receive the necessary attention during class because the class sizes are increasing.
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Not good with heavy snow or pot holes at all.
There are only a few problems once in a while.
People don't come to Kernersville to vacation.
I can't find a job anywhere close to where I live
The community is pretty nice. There is a push to recycle and a dog park. People are generally friendly.
From what I have seen of the fitness areas, people do get decent amounts of exercise, and gyms are easily accessible. That said, I am unsure of the over all health of people.
We don't have many options but the options we do have are fantastic. I am rarely disappointed.
There are some very nice stores and small businesses here. I rarely have to leave to find something, and owners are typically very nice.
It's sort of a small town. There is stuff to do, but you will be more likely to find something in a town over. People here are nice enough, however I have had some off experiences. Over all it's average.
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